Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At the Bottom There is But One Kind of Greed

Pelosi is dissembling so fast that she is almost making stuff up before it happens. (Pic above is she following the demise of the bailout bill.) She blamed this whole crisis on the Bush Administration (I blame the Bush Adminisitration for plenty in how they have handled the problem after it manifested itself too) while we watch the King Buffoons of Frank and Dodd play "cover my ass" with any new bill they could approve. (pic above is Frank and Dodd "'splaining" the bill.) Rove mentions below that he heard first hand the plan to pin this debacle on the Republicans. If that was the plan, it can get hard to keep the future and the past separate.

But along side the Fannie & Freddie problem is another one: ACORN. Now this is one hell of a story. ACORN is a criminal voter registration organization. State after state finds fraud after fraud sourced by ACORN's voter registration drives. And guess who "luuuvs" ACORN: O-BAM-A. He loves ACORN so much that he trained those community organizers how to go into a community, sweet talk them for a while until they find the right grievance and then rub that damn grievance in their faces until they are raw with rage.

That's the plan. By that time they are so solidified in their hatred of someone or some institution they feel they must vote for the Savior who will deliver them from this righteous, erroneous evil. And that is how Obama gets the votes.

On the other hand, dear Obama is sweetness and light and affability. He always seeks to calm the waters in public. Now he is creating his children's choir core to win your heart. At least Hitler had the decency to teach the kids songs about their country.

The only problem is that he violates your rights in order to do it. Obama is a crook. A very big crook by my standard of individual rights and justice based on those rights. He has the government force you to pay tax so that he can grow his voter registration machine. (Go here to register on Obama's website. Tell me, do you think this is a secure means of valid, truthful voter registration?) Never mind that you wouldn't advocate nor vote for that in a zillion years, you have to pay up anyway. This is how crooks work. They don't give you a choice. Your First Amendment rights are passe.

The advocacy of "helping the poor and powerless" is so lame that it is laughable. (Obama has left the poor and powerless in worse condition by his actions in every single project he has touched and acted on.) By our values and our ethics those who seek power over us have us by the balls. We have to let that ethic go, as a primary value, and fight for freedom more fundamentally - the right of every man to his life and the freedom to use his mind, his basic means of survival, to live it. Men will help their neighbors as they can. It is our history.

The Democrats (and McCain and Bush) are charging Wall Street's GREED as the cause of this mess. You and I know that whatever opportunity the Wall Street guys saw in the law that said they had to write sub-prime mortgages, could bundle them and sell them as securities, it originated in Washington. Without the laws and the government paying if something happened, thereby reducing the risk to zero, there never could have been this boom and now bust.

I am not saying that the "businessmen" who profited by the Government's laws are good men. Obviously their values are false when they seek money at the expense of their customers. But still, were it not for Dodd, Frank, Obama and his ACORN, and all the other hangers-on and profiteers - be it through business or campaign contributions this could not have happened. Without these politicians and their law, there would have been no cause for this effect.

Therefore, the people who have pushed people out of their homes, caused the collapse of investments that people were counting on for retirement and their kid's college educations and untold damage far greater than any "li'l ole Enron," are in Halls of Congress in Washington DC. They parade their crooked smiles and crooked asses around like they know exactly what we should do and how they are going to lead us out of this mess. There is nothing in the world that could make me believe that this is about anything beyond a little personal redemption or a big "cover my ass." In the meantime, the jackassery continues unabaited - as it must. (By the way, if I find a better explanation for the vast array of facts surrounding Obama and ACORN and the politicians who sourced this that has many people wonder what is going on, I promise you I will publish it here.)

It must continue because so far there is not one leader in that Congress that is big enough to see that they have a major credibility problem. No calls for investigation. No plans for taking responsibility. They think if they get a bill out of Congress "fixing" the financial crisis, that will be it. Integrity is never mentioned. Of course they have no idea what they are doing. Whatever it turns out to be is at best bailing wire on a jaloppy. They cannot fix it. Government planning of the economy can NEVER and WILL NEVER fix the economy. They can only VIOLATE the economy which, at root, is men being rational in offering and pursuing their values.

And, the reason this is not going to get resolved is because the entire Obama presidential possibility requires that the Democrats not be responsible for this mess. They dare not because if they were exposed, the real story would be over and so would Obama - forever. The only crook left on the grand stage would be that wooden one shepherds use pulling Obama off the stage.

The stakes are too big. After all Obama is the candidate that represents the radical Alinsky Left's moment in the sun - that moment when it finally takes down America and replaces it with a totalitarian socialist state. His name for it is SERVICE to the community or the state. That, is, after all, the plan. See here. ACORN provides the foot soldiers. Later that will be ballooned into the required Domestic Security Organization to provide for domestic tranquility. Maybe a better word is obedience.

There is but one kind of GREED at the bottom of this "bloodless" coup, which is exactly what it is: The GREED for Power and the LUST to deliver America, the beacon of individual rights and freedom for the whole world, to the dustbin of failed socialist states. This coup won't remain bloodless for long for this GREED will not hesitate to walk over corpses to achieve its aim. History instructs.

Here is a video of Karl Rove, that Republican, along with Bush, upon whom the Alinsky Left has focused its hatred, wondering what the hell is going on.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Obama and ACORN Strategy

This article at American Thinker is a must read to understand the strategy behind Obama. It really explains a lot. Now I can see why Obama went to Germany to appear international and why he created his own "Presidential" seal and all of it. It is a purposeful effort to break down American institutions and create a totalitarian socialist state. Don't take my word for it. I've put a lot of Obama history in this blog and this article shows even more than I have been able to learn.


I now think Obama is the bloodless coup. But it won't be bloodless for long.

I have a family member who lost $25,000 bond overnight when Lehman's collapsed. There are millions of hard-working people who are losing their life savings and retirement savings because of the dastardly deeds of the likes of Dodd, Frank, Obama and Raines. These bastards need to be put behind bars. Otherwise, we are going down if this kind of corruption and criminality is allowed to go free and run the country. This entire mess is primarily Democrat-constructed and Democrat-maintained.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Request for Moral Action

I have written my Congressmen - two Senators, Chambliss and Isakson, and one Representative, John Lewis - in the US Government regarding the Crisis of Confidence in the US Government. I urge you to write yours.

Dear Senator,

We may have a financial problem that is great. But there is a far greater problem that you have than that. You have a CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE in the US Government. When you stand idly by and allow Barney Frank and Chris Dodd go on national TV and represent what is going on in the name of the US Government, you may as well put the mafia up there. Don’t you get it?

You need to call for the IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION of both Frank and Dodd in the halls of Congress and on national TV now. Can you not be ACCOUNTABLE for the damage they have caused and are now causing?

We know that Frank and Dodd were at cause in the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They have been the flag wavers of more destruction than any free market institution ever could be or has been. And yet, you don’t root out the problem and take a stand for what is right.

Further ACORN, charged and prosecuted with many voter fraud crimes, is a Far Left radical organization. To think that you would violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution, forcing people to pay for an organization that is clearly political and does not represent their views is a crime in itself. There can be NO TAXPAYER MONEY go to ACORN.

Sincerely yours,
Atlanta, Georgia

The Crisis of Confidence

The great crisis is not the financial crisis although that is bad enough. It is The Crisis of Confidence in the US Government.

The two men in Congress who were the big players in the horrendous con game of Fannie and Freddie and who are as upside down as all hell when it comes to these two institutions are Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. Every news program clip I see, these two are still speaking and talking as if they are the authorities on this new "bailout" bill. They are not. All we know is that they are the authorities on how to make sure their ass is covered.

Every time one of them says anything, the confidence meter goes lower and lower. Since apparently the Congress has no idea what the cause of this is, I think it is time for some individual in the Congress who has some clout - perhaps Maverick McCain - should go on national TV and clear up this matter.

He should state: "We have a crisis of confidence in the US Government." This must be corrected now. Therefore I am calling for the stepping down of both Dodd and Frank. Their voices at this time given they are they major cause of the problem we are dealing with are doing nothing except lowering the people's evaluation of our work. From now on, no more."

Then he should go on to Part II of how to generate confidence. The bill is to have NO EARMARKS and NO PROVISIONS FOR ACORN!!!

That would spark plenty of fireworks and some real soul searching on Capitol Hill. And this is EXACTLY what is needed!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Democrat Rebuff of Fannie & Freddie Clean-up

This video speaks for itself. Caught red-handed!

And I'm supposed to think the Democrat Party is the best Party (maybe that should be a small "p") for the economy?

In the bailout bill being hammered out and festooned with earmarks right now, a huge grant of any profit (20%) is scheduled to go to ACORN, supposedly a low-end housing organization. What it really is a voter registration organization and its purpose it to register Democrats. It has been charged with illegal activities in a number of states. This is more corruption - pure and simple. Definitely it is an infringement of your right to free speech. Tax money extracted from you by force and given to an organization that may not express your views is a whopping injustice. By what Right? This is "Taxation without Representation!!"

!! N O P A S S !! N O P A S S !!

The CRISIS IN CONFIDENCE in the US Government worsens!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is Alinsky's Principle Turning on Obama?

Saul Alinsky is Obama's primary mentor. He was powerful because he had a specific plan of action for gaining power. Alinsky was a psychopath, pure and simple. He appeals to people who want power and are angry. Hillary liked him and so does Obama.

"Teaching hatred for the normal majority is the key to power for radicals. But Alinsky taught that you can't easily hate millions of people. To do that effectively you need a one-person scapegoat to focus all your hatred on. 'Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.' (Saul Alinsky) That is the politics of personal destruction, and it doesn't matter if the target is black like Clarence Thomas, or a woman like Sarah Palin, or a severely wounded war veteran like John McCain." (or a President, George Bush - SCB) (This quote from here.)

The internet is abuzz with articles about Obama's underhanded dealings and being the thug behind the scenes. This was mentioned a few weeks ago related to other people and organizations but had died down. Now it is back.

And what a perfect place to put all the frustration and outrage over the general government incompetance. It's clear to me there is a crisis of confidence in the US Government. Two of the biggest crooks, Frank and Dodd, at the heart of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco are making pronouncements, yelling in response to every question, as if they have moral authority - which they don't.

McCain supporters are increasingly frustrated. Their hope has been that given all the mess maybe McCain would have enough belief in freedom to at least forestall the complete capitulation of our relatively free society to liberal fascism and the socialist state.

All of this is now accentuating Obama's fascism and willingness to operate via threats of force. What follows is a list of links that I gleaned from the internet, thanks to a friend sending them to me. Further most of these links came from http://www.instapundit.com/, a middle-of-the-road website written by a law professor.

Start with this one about Alinsky and his tactics.

Then read this from the UK on how Obama undermined our government's negotiations with Iraq leaving them confused.

Then how about this one on how Obama is silencing the voice of Gun Owners. Also here.

One comment on a blog: "I fear that under the Obama administration, the lawyers sending these letters will be government employees."

And here is evidence of that already. Two elected officials are protecting the Obama campaign and only the Obama campaign. How unjust is that?

And here is a video showing how prosecutors and sheriffs are becoming part of the Obama's truth squad. And even the Justice Department is working for Obama.

Here in Reason Magazine's website is an article explaining why Obama is vulnerable on the Second Amendment. Notice how, in Obama's world, you have no rights. That means that you are not and independent human being who gets to live his life as he chooses. You are the property of the Government and the politicians get to decide. Your life is to be negotiated by someone else. Whatever that is, it ain't American and individual rights.

Or how about this Alinsky tactic to undermine free speech?

Here's an article regarding the NRA's response.

Obama's attempt to interrupt and silence a Chicago radio show back in August when Stanley Kurtz who investigated the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was featured.

And just a couple days before that stories were run on how Obama threatened the major TV stations who might run the ad produced by the American Issues Project. I detailed that here.

Although the Left may have overriden your voice at the US Justice Department, if you want to file a complaint, the numbers are at the link.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

When is the US Government Going To Take Repsonsibility?

The US Government has nationalized AIG and the debt of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This amounts to the nationalization of the financial sector of our economy.

And - We are dismayed, despairing and angry. All that is talked about is the taxpayer covering everything. With a stroke of the pen, each of us were enslaved more. Because of the government we all work harder to get ahead or we suffer a loss in our standard of living. Why aren't those "criminals" and the Congressmen who fostered this in jail and destitute? They did far, far more damage than Enron ever did. Thank's Uncle Sam, you bastard!

What we need is Justice. And one thing we can count on is that we will never get it from the US Government.

The US Government is choking on paper. Debt. Where is its responsibility in the matter? Why aren't we hearing plans to sell off vast tracks of the land it lays claim too? Why aren't we hearing plans to sell off g-zillions of its assets to pay what it has committed itself to?

This is what a normal person has to do if income slows or stops and he comes up short. He has to generate it some way. But not the US Government. Oh no, no, no! It passes a law which means one thing: Get out the gun, point it at the heads of the taxpayers and tell them they got to pay up. Why? "We have to have it. It's an emergency."

This is worse than disgusting. Now we have a criminal at every single US citizen's door. The government is the primary initiator of force in this country, bar none. All criminals are petty by comparison.

The only agreement you and I have with the government is that they guarantee my and your right to life, my and your liberty, my and your property and my and your right to live for our own happiness. Inside that everything gets taken care of.

So the agreement is broken. And it was the US Government that broke it. And don't tell me that people don't get it. They do. Many know exactly what is going on and there is not a single person in the Government with a voice that can be trusted. This is how bad it is.

So what do I do if a client breaks an agreement? I stop work. There has to be a new agreement between the two of us otherwise it is over forever.

Isn't it now obvious that there is nothing that the government touches that it doesn't wreck? Why? Force. It forced Fannie and Freddie to loan to people who couldn't afford it. They lowered their underwriting standards to do it. I bet you would like your mechanic to lower his standards when fixing your car. Or the airline mechanic to lower his standards. Or your surgeon to lower his standards. What kind of insanity is this?

And now McCain and Obama are calling for more oversight? Give me a break! Oversight from the government when it comes to business is the worst affliction any honest businessman can have happen. Don't believe for a second it is worth a tinker's damn. It isn't. If you have any standards based on knowledge and truth, you have to get out of business otherwise you become one of them. You become their apologist. "I'm sorry, I had to do it because the government requires me to." Oversight has as much relevance as Marie Antoinette's prouncement, "Let the eat cake." With a flick of the wrist, "Let them have oversight and stricter regulation."

The best you can get if you become successful is being branded "greedy." That's the government's and their apologists' payment. Nice huh? If you fall for this tripe, you deserve it.

Now what? Who knows. I guess it is every man for himself. And it won't change until the government lives by the same laws of human nature that govern all of us and puts down that goddammed gun except to catch or hold a person who has initiated force.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Free Enterprise Over?

The free market is under attack on every flank. In the minefield of opinions, it is essential to define the free market and capitalism.

"In a free economy, where no man or group of men can use physical coercion against anyone, economic power can be achieved only by voluntary means: by the voluntary choice and agreement of all those who participate in the process of production and trade. In a free market, all prices, wages, and profits are determined -- not by the arbitrary whim of the rich or of the poor, not by anyone's 'greed' or by anyone's need -- but by the law of supply and demand." - - Ayn Rand, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal, 1966.

Right now, the free market does not exist in America in any of the major markets: Education, medicine, building and planning, energy, money and finance, transportation and the legal profession to name a few. Even small businesses are increasingly regulated and licensed. And beyond that political correctness has made it illegal in many cases to even express a thought. We definitely do not have a free market.

Whatever we have been living in for the last 90+ years is the afterglow of a free market, not a free market. With the formulation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the passing of the income tax law, the free market took a body blow and it has never returned to the realm of American human affairs. Certainly the increase in the unfree market has been more or less gradual. The other body blows were in the 30s, the 60s and increasingly this century.

Today, September 17, 2008, in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Cynthia Tucker, editor, published her editorial: "Private enterprise worship exposed."

"The high priests of capitalism are in sackcloth and ashes, their belief in markets shattered, their catechism of risk-taking renounced. From Wall Street to Detroit, once-devout believers in unfettered private enterprise are running from their religion. Now that their greed has brought the economy to the brink of depression, they want government help.

"What happened to those masters of the universe? What happened to their handmaidens, the Republican politicians who denounced government regulation and read from the holy scriptures as recorded by Ayn Rand?

"This week, sensing shifting political winds, John McCain took to criticizing those Wall Street schemers, imbuing his speeches with a populist rhetoric intended to make you believe he’s always been a firm supporter of government regulation. On Monday, as the Dow was plummeting, McCain was the change agent, the reformer:

"'The regulatory system is broken … We’ve got to catch up the regulatory bodies to make sure that there is the proper oversight and regulation and transparency. That is vital.'

"Actually, that is laughable. In March, McCain told The Wall Street Journal, “I am fundamentally a deregulator. I’d like to see a lot of the unnecessary government regulations eliminated.”

"In a speech a few weeks later, he argued that our approach “should include encouraging increased capital in financial institutions by removing regulatory, accounting and tax impediments to raising capital.”
. . . . .

"So are the masters of the universe who created the vast Ponzi scheme that has entangled Wall Street, Main Street and markets around the world. After decades of fighting off government as intrusive, rigid, bureaucratic and downright dumb, financial titans are begging for taxpayer-backed bailouts.

"After the quasi-bailout of Bear Sterns, they were aghast when Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson refused to bail out Lehman. And they're still betting that the government will come to the rescue whenever another giant company is about to collapse, as it apparently is poised to do in the case of AIG.

"Wall Street kings are not the only ones begging for bailouts. Detroit automakers have also stuck their hands out, proposing that government fork over $50 billion to prop them up. They spent decades fending off efforts from Congress to improve fuel efficiency, insisting that American motorists only wanted huge gas-guzzlers. Now that they can’t sell those SUV-ehemoths, they’re staring at the possibility of financial collapse.

"Perhaps the pendulum is finally swinging back to a widespread recognition that government has a role to play in regulating markets, protecting consumers and providing a social safety net. That lesson comes at a very high cost: lost jobs, ruined retirement portfolios and added taxpayer debt to pay for bailouts.

"Unfortunately, many experts believe the end is not yet in sight; it may be many months before the markets hit bottom and the economy starts a vigorous recovery. But there may be a small benefit in this burgeoning catastrophe: The worship of unfettered private enterprise has been exposed for what it is — just another cult."

Miss Tucker is a very second rate mind for sure. In the world of concepts, one must always define his terms and distinguish what he is writing about from what it is not. Given that Miss Tucker does not do this, she turns out to be nothing but a hack with an opinion. So what! Welcome to the multitudes, Cynthia.

The truth is what is happening with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and others proves the unfree market is a colossal failure. It proves nothing about the free market. Those who should be in "sackcloth and ashes" are those who think you can get away with regulating markets. "Mother Nature," meaning the eternal nature of human being in this case, simply won't allow it.

What Cynthia does not realize is that free markets and free minds are corollaries. When she leaps atop the heap of the jeering crowd, she is advocating the regulation of her mind too.

Another thing she doesn't realize is that markets go with being human. All you can do is allow them via political freedom or drive them underground to a black market. This woman definitely loves slavery!!!

Neither of the candidates advocate freedom in its essentials. It is an idea that is barely known in America let alone the rest of the world at this time. It has never fully existed here or anywhere. The basics underlying it have not been learned and realized as workable yet. But they have been discovered and formulated and interest in them is growing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community Service

Listen to both campaigns this season. My, oh my, oh my.

Up to this time, Community Service, often along with a fine, is a punishment, a restriction on your freedom that you receive if you commit a low level crime. The punishment amounts to the time and effort you spend and the fact that you HAVE to do it in order to fulfill the sentence the judge handed you.

Are we now supposed to believe that Community Service is something else if required by the government? How can anything you HAVE to do be a service? Even it is voluntary and you are shamed into it, wouldn't that be the same thing as HAVING to do it?

No one is going to have to wait until the end of life to see if they went to hell, they will be living it soon.

On Friday, Whoopi Goldberg asked John McCain, when he talked about interpreting the Constitution intended by the Founding Fathers, if she should be worried about slavery. Little did she realize at the time that we all better be worried about slavery. Government instituted Community Service, along with a zillion other mandates, is slavery.

Which part of your day or weekend do you want to give up? What kind of corruption is going to ensue as everyone tries to get around this one?

Given this talk, in four years or less we won't have an immigration problem. We will have an emigration problem.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Theft in America

Theft is rampant in America. With the exception of petty thieves, some con-artists and hustlers (although I think that distinction is being lost as political parties place them at the top of their lists of people who can win public office) people who steal are considered good.

A thief for the common good, the public good, the poor and least among us, the good of the environment, so-called public safety, anything too important for some individual to control and a host of other justifications is a GOOD man. How could this be?

About three weeks ago, I ordered Inherit the Wind from Netflix. It didn't come within the short turn-around time they normally provide so I told them I hadn't received it. Netflix graciously sent another copy. The day after I told them, I received Inherit the Wind in the mail. Two days later I received Inherit the Wind again.

After a day passed, I sent the first Inherit the Wind back to Netflix. I hadn't watched it, but I still had the second copy they sent. In the meantime they continued sending me movies from my queue.

Yesterday I viewed Inherit the Wind . Good movie. The movie was so good that I started thinking of the friends I would like to have see it. I thought about sending them this copy that I had. Netflix wouldn't notice, I thought, since I had already returned Inherit the Wind and they had resumed business as usual with me.

I basked in the pleasure I could cause in another. I thought of the "thank you" and good will I would receive from my friend. We could share our thoughts and feelings about the movie. What fun that would be. Further, I could advance the principle of the right to free speech and thinking that is soooo important to me. What a lovely world I would create.

Then I remembered. The movie isn't mine. I'm able to conveniently rent movies from my home and for less than Blockbusters because someone invested his money to buy these movies so I could rent them. And because he makes a profit, my tax money isn't required to make sure he has a place to sleep and some food to eat.

I proudly sent the movie back.

There are a couple points to make from this story.

1. If I thought being "good" to be what I did for others, being a thief in this case would be acceptable behavior. In fact, it might be so acceptable that I wouldn't even notice that I was stealing. If I thought creativity, production of values, an independent mind taking risks and my agreements/contracts with others important I would send the movie back. Since I possess volition, I get to decide. A man is known for his choices and we call this character.

Where in our culture does this "doing good for others" ethic come from? I'm not talking about giving someone you value a hand. I'm not talking about giving someone something in order that they give you or your product consideration. I'm talking about doing good for others as an end, a good, in itself. I'm talking about doing good for others in order to show yourself and others that you are a good person - so you think highly of yourself. If you really want to reach the apotheosis of being good, you do good for others at your own expense. You sacrifice. You sacrifice yourself.

Where is self-sacrifice good? Well, Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for others. The poor woman of the Bible gave her last pennies for the good of others. This is the primary source of this ethic - Christianity. Because of the ethic of self-sacrifice theft is considered good and made possible. Whole states are formed and justified on this basis.

2. What if you had a thief in the house where you lived. Every time you went to use that which is yours, you couldn't be sure that it would be there. Maybe the thief would have stolen it. You had used the energy of your life earning the money to buy the things you have, but you had no guaranteed use and disposal of these things.

What would this do to your life? How would you feel? What would you decide about life? About people? What actions would you take if you lived in this condition?

Today, our culture in America condones theft bigtime. People wonder why Americans are mad as hell. Disapproval of the President and Congress is breaking records. Is it any wonder?

And it is not just theft of your money. Your children are stolen and sent to public schools where they are inculcated in the justification of theft. E.g., multiculturalism is good. Why? Because of ethnicity and skin color and because all cultures are declared equally valid and healthy. Character, an individual attribute, is not mentioned. Sacrificing your values is what is important.

Your intelligence and thinking is stolen and bent to the dictates and regulations of the government agencies. How many times have I provide parking for the handicapped when a handicapped person would never come to or have use for a particular type of business - a ballroom dance club, e.g.

Your future is stolen. Your life is stolen. All because of this single ethic - self-sacrifice.

Listen to the politicians. Who among them isn't fully righteous that they have the right to steal and keep stealing from you? Not a paragraph passes from their lips, the lips of Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, Hillary, Bill, Bush, on and on and on, that is not based on justified theft - sacrifice. They count on your self-sacrifice otherwise none of this could, by virtue of cause and effect, be happening. Truly we have inherited the wind.

You simply wouldn't buy most of their products and program if you had a choice. If you had a choice, you could only blame yourself if you let such a critter in your house.

If theft has such a corrosive power in human relationships and society in general, then institutionalized theft is a supreme evil. We really have no choice, if we choose life, but to reduce government to its essentials and extirpate institutionalized theft.

There is no doubt in my mind that government provides something fundamentally important to human life. Protection from invaders, police to stop initiations of force and fraud and courts in which to settle disputes.

The government exists by agreement, not by force. The agreement is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution - the only agreement anyone has with the government so long as they stay within America's borders.

Like all of us, the government has to EARN its right to exist every day of its life. Theft in America is turning us into devils and ruining our lives. It must stop!

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Woman's Character Inspires Me

From the Women in Leaderhip Forum recorded by Newsweek and published on YouTube, August 29, 2008

Palin: Motherhood, Childhood Influences and Gender as an Issue

Palin: Hillary and the Perceived Whine

Palin: The Reluctant Beauty Queen

Palin: Alaska Corruption 'Embarrassing'

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Integrated Republic

They tell you they are not going to tax your family.

No, they're just going to tax "businesses"! So unless you buy something from a "business", like groceries or clothes or gasoline ... or unless you get a paycheck from a big or a small "business", don't worry ... it's not going to affect you.

They say they are not going to take any water out of your side of the bucket, just the "other" side of the bucket! That's their idea of tax reform.

My friends, we need a leader who stands on principle.

-- Fred Thompson, Keynote speaker, RNC, September 2, 2008

This metaphor says it all - in economics, in justice, in cultural values - whatever takes root in our society.

Just as slavery in the 1800s exacted its toll on the whole country, anyone who is not free to forge his purpose out of hardship or out of success cannot rise far abiding slavery. All live in and dance around the diminished possibility and spirit of one of their kind. When one man is not allowed by force to be a man in the fullest sense of the word - in the sense that he is the captain of his soul - no man can.

The idea that one can take from the freedom of the people in one half of the bucket to increase the freedom of the other half of the bucket is folly - pure and simple. It can't be done

How, is it said, can it be done? By instituting slavery. Taxation is Forced Labor for multitudes of programs you never chose nor would ever choose. It didn't work in the 1800s and it won't work in the 2000s.

Political freedom, including economic freedom, is how you fill the bucket. But some think with small minds.

I am riding on a limited express,
one of the crack trains of the nation.
Hurtling across the prairie into blue
haze and dark air go fifteen
all-steel coaches holding a thousand people.
(All the coaches shall be scrap and rust
and all the men and women laughing
in the diners and sleepers shall
pass to ashes.)
I ask a man in the smoker where
he is going and he answers: "Omaha."
Carl Sandberg, The Chicago Poems, 1916

Monday, September 1, 2008

Referendum on One's Sense of Life

This election is coming down to a referendum on the candidates' "sense of life." A sense of life is a sub-conscious appraisal of man and of existence.

Which do you choose?

The candidate that whines and parades his own and other people's sores as a virtue and offers excuses when he doesn't accomplish the results he said he was going to accomplish, or the candidate who takes what life deals him/her in stride and accomplishes real results?

The candidate who obfuscates on everything and works hard to not let you know who he is or the one that clarifies and is willing to let you know everything about who he/she is?

The candidate who deals with people to be manipulated and used, or the candidate who will offer herself for investigation if you think she did something wrong?

The candidate who is afraid of what you will think of his past such that he has thrown overboard his supporters and "friends" and isolated himself, or the one who is not afraid of his/her past and has plenty of real support and is not isolated?

The candidate who has to seek the support of unthinking mobs counting on their numbers to affirm his validity, or the candidate who is willing for you to judge him/her on his merits?

The candidate who has trouble conveying his patriotism by his actions and his past when there should be no doubt about the issue, or the candidate who without a doubt is patriotic?

Given that the candidates are so starkly different in this issue, one’s vote this year is also a referendum on one’s own sense of life.

We get to choose. Which will it be?