Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How Do You Like Communist America?

How do you like the communizing of America?  All four morally-equivalent systems, socialism, communism, nazism and welfare statism, transfer the property of the individual to the government.  The right to property is the right to the ownership of property which is the right of use and disposal of such property.  In Russia, the communists simply stole the property and used it for their desires.  In America, they order you to use it for their desires.  Same thing.  Same effect.

The problem:  You have a life to take care of - yours.  It includes all that you have taken on - and you are either prevented from doing that or you find it increasingly difficult to do that.

Forget their noble purposes.  Those are window dressing.  They are the means to keep you morally paralyzed while they take over your wealth, your means for you living your life.

Remember, the moral pertains to your life force.  To be moral is to take actions which strengthen your life force - which strengthen your will to live. 
The Marxists' (Communists, Socialists, Nazis, Welfare statists) means of weakening your life force is moral paralysis.  You have to hesitate, freeze, or somehow be unable to stand for yourself in the face of other people.  Political correctness is about moral paralysis.  In America this is accomplished by two means - beseeching you to care for or act nice to your neighbor and beseeching you to care for the planet. 

Anyone who places these values above himself (i.e., can be guilt-tripped by these values) or succumbs to his fear of those who are taking over is ripe for the takeover.  The evil Marxists - Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, Jarrett, Michelle, the NAACP, all of the Soros organizations, the UN (read their communist charter of Human Rights) - are on the march. 

This is true.  Marxism and its political progeny - communism, socialism, national socialism, the welfare state - are all anti-human being in the name of pro-human being.  This murderous ideology has run rampant for over a hundred years.  It fails everywhere and has been responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million human beings.  It is the single biggest killer of human beings - bar none.  It knows no race or nationality.  (Don't talk to me about the wonderful health care system of Cuba.  It's a poverty-stricken pigsty of a system and that's a first-hand report from a doctor.  Michael Moore was duped or is a flat out liar.)

And, either this evil is going to win or liberty is going to win.  America is human beings' final hope.  People around the world are rooting for us.  It is we who have to stand up.  So you better be ready to stand up to the guilt-tripping.

What do you say when someone says or implies you ought to take care of your neighbor?  What do you say when someone says or implies you ought to take care of the planet? 

How about this?  I do support my neighbor.  He's an individual in his own right.  I don't take care of him.  We interact as self-respecting individuals and if he needs something, he knows that within the limits of individual rights respecting behavior, he has my support for him to have that.  I use my wealth for my life which includes responding to my network of human beings.  The only way I can be prevented from that is if you take my means to do that.  

Or, I do take care of the planet.  I keep my car from belching dirty smoke into the air.  I don't poison the ground and I keep my yard mowed and my place tidy.  I manage my trash.  Thank you very much.  Now get the fuck out of here.