Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Back to Economic Liberty

Given that we are in a phase of increased state control over the economy - which leads to the stagnation and poverty of a society all to prevent the risk of failure - it is time to get real as to what it is going to take to free ourselves up. The Commanding Heights is a 3-part documentary of such a process and I post it here to have a one-stop record of what it takes to "come clean" from the "heroine" of state protection.

Part I - The Battle of Ideas

Part 2 - The Agony of Reform 

Part 3 - The New Rules 

Friday, April 20, 2012


Here is a lecture that is absolutely clear - chapter and verse - as to what Marxism is.

My claim that we are in the grip of some extremely evil people is born out by this lecture. Only if we understand what is happening right now will we be able to save ourselves. Otherwise, ours is the way of the hideous societies that have instituted Marxism in the past: Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Cuba, Cambodia and others motivated by a profound hatred of the nature of man.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dark or Light - Choose

I’ve been reading Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson. I’m up to the 20s – after Germany lost WWI and before WWII. It was the era of the Weimar Republic.

During WWI, there were rumblings of anti-Semitism but it grew worse after Germany lost the war. People wanted scapegoats. Einstein, although not a full-fledged member of the Zionist movement, was a sympathizer and advocated Jews speaking out rather than trying to hide by assimilating into the German population and state. Einstein in particular was interested in the establishment of a university in Jerusalem which would allow Jewish students to pursue knowledge without being branded as some evil force tainting German science and German everything else.

In 1921, Einstein came to America to advocate for this university and raise money for it. Although there were droves of Jews who came out to support him, other Americans mobbed him to see a great scientist. His science got all the attention. He gave a number of lectures while he was here.

The unique and important thing to get from this period of history is the night and day comparison of a darkening Germany with a light and free America. The book makes that comparison available. Because I could relate to the light and free America of then, the stark darkness of now becomes apparent and chilling. Right now, important and powerful people in our culture are looking for scapegoats: Wall Street fat cats, Jews, White people, established success – all of these groups are blamed for our current problems.

Individual Germans holding themselves as victims - which makes no sense unless one is objectively a victim – was the root of Germany’s problems, and that condition is spreading, because people are taking it on themselves to spread it, like cancer in America. Obama has not been cultivating victims for nothing. Cultivating victims is the heart and soul of community organizing. He knows that only when a person considers himself a victim can he feel justified to abide and commit violence in one form or another. There have already been numerous instances of violence - mostly in the form of theft of property and liberty - and each is a test of the willingness of the American people to abide it. So far, there is no reason for him to be anything but confident.

The innocence of you - and if enough of us do it, America - is available at any time. All it requires is to flip the switch to the power position: I create value. That power rests with the individual. It is your choice.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Five Strategies for Altruism

Here is a link to Dr. Stephen Hicks' article on Elsworth Toohey's five strategies for altruism. Elsworth is the evil character of The Fountainhead fame.

The next step is to concretize how these play out, if they do, in one's own life. Altruism is the philosophy of self-sacrifice that must be defeated if human happiness is to thrive. Altruism leads to emptiness, the opposite of the happiness possible to a life full of value.