Sunday, August 25, 2013

Agitprop President

For the longest time I've been raging at our President, Obama.  He lies regularly.  He will say anything and all the people I know have tuned him out.  What is going on?

Yesterday I was talking to an American citizen who migrated here from Russia.  While there, he worked as an artist creating agitprop art for the communist regime.  (It was a ho-hum job since the moral fervor for communism was long dead.)  That's when it occurred to me that Obama is not speaking to be believed.  He's speaking to create agitprop.

One thing everyone grants to Obama is that he's purposeful.  He works hard.  But, ironically, his purpose does not jive with one appropriate to a president looking out for his country.  In fact, quite the opposite.  So maybe this isn't his country.   

Race relations is one example.  Race has been a sensitive issue in America for a long time.  Actually in our day, I don't sense it is much of an issue - except that now it is purposely being aroused by the racebaiters - Sharpton, Jackson, and now other followers of their lead such as Oprah - and we are seeing that a new unsureness about what people of the other race are thinking.  Where before, we just got busy building trust between individuals, now we wait to see where they are first.  Do issues of skin color affect them?  Obviously it does us if we are waiting on a signal regarding that issue.  All of this uncertainty is being generated at will.

In the face of this, Obama (and Holder) have a tremendous opportunity to come down on the side of all people regardless of the color of their skin.  Except they don't.  Holder's handling of the Black Panthers threating voters in Philadelphia right after the 2008 election put whites on guard.  Whoa!  This is not a government for all the people.  He, nor Obama, has redeemed himself from that slap against America.

Why is this happening when it so easily could be used for statement of an opposite inclusive position like Martin Luther King's rather than letting divisive haters like Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan run wild.  It is interesting that under Obama a statue of MLK was placed on the Washington Mall that doesn't even look like him.  Rather it looks like a Chinese communist kind of sculpture, representing King not as the sensitive impassioned visionary leader that he was but as a hard, rigid leader that he wasn't.  The statue, in my opinion, is a disgrace to MLK and his American character.

All of this lets me know that something else is going on.  We don't have a black American president.  Rather we have a black Foreigner president.  For us that judge our leaders related to the values of this country and its forming, Obama is a pariah.  So what is going on?
Consider agitprop.  What is agitprop?  The word is a combination of two words - agitation and propaganda.  It is used by leaders to dislodge a people from their old way of thinking by agitating them and then coming from and spreading the propaganda of whatever ideology they want to install on the population.

We expect Obama to be on our side.  We expect him to tell us the truth as he works to guide our country.  Instead we find that he cares not a whit about the truth.  You can find any number of videos that show you blatant opposite statements with no explanation of why that is the case.

I'm now thinking that the charge of lying makes no difference with him because he's not coming from a frame of reference where lying is a detriment.  He comes from a different frame of reference.  He's able to get up every morning and continue speaking as if everything is fine when it is anything but fine - with us, that is.  That's because his work is to install a new ideology on the American people.  And what better way to do that than not speak to their values.  Rather, just keep coming from what he says we are now - a socialist/communist state.  Just keep coming from an ancient political view - an elite ruling class and the peons who work and labor so the elite can vacation at horrendous cost on the backs of the peons.  This is Obama and Michelle.  They are not American.  They are the people that the American idea got rid of.  They are the people that all of us have no chance at a life of our own.  We will only have the life they decree for us.    

I assume you have noticed that he's taking over the entire health care industry with Obamacare and yesterday announced that he will be taking over the higher education industry by judging and evaluating them.  Of course the next step will be to root out any of the intellectuals who are independent thinkers that might come up with theories that go against socialism/communism.  All profs are now property of the state. 

Start looking at what is going on from the position of agitprop rather than conversations that surround the attainment of America's values.

Obama likes and supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  He sends them money and weapons.  If you look into the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, you will learn that they were formed in 1928 and it wasn't long until they were cavorting with Hitler.  Hitler went to the Middle East to support them and they went to Germany to march with him.  In common they wanted to destroy the Jew.  Now, on their way to getting that job done by destroying Israel, they need to destroy the Christians first - which they are doing in Egypt.  Is Obama speaking out against this?  No.  Obama is a Muslim - plain and simple - and he supports radical Muslim power.  I don't think there is any exception to this.

What he is doing does not set with many Americans and I can't believe that it would be American policy except under Obama who is greasing the skids for radical Muslim power.  One thing Obama does is hang back so that the interpreters can color his actions.  While all of this is madly going on in the Middle East, he goes on vacation and we see some silly, cheerleader-like pics coming from Martha's Vineyard.  If we grant Obama his just due, we are supposed to see him having well-deserved light-hearted fun.  Given that "Crystalnacht" is happening against Coptic Christians in Egypt and he says nothing, our minds reel and boggle all the while we get more agitated.

Ahem (clearing my throat), this is the purpose of agitprop.  He thinks he's doing just fine.      

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seattle City Government Embraces Maoism

Mao began the idea of politically correct speaking. Seattle is the latest proponent and is throwing their lot in with the communists - you know, those people who murdered millions of "citizens" (oops, that's one of the bad words in Seattle).  There can be no liberty if one cannot freely speak.  Just because some person may find a phrase offensive is not a reason to annihilate free speech.  Seattle ought to be very, very ashamed.  There is NOTHING admirable about making the word "citizen" and "brown bag" off limits in Seattle.  What a bunch of idiots.

The two words/phrases were stricken from the vocabulary by fiat in order to protect some people's feelings.  When law is made for non-objective feelings rather than for objective damage, it will get carried out by feelings.  Just remember, Seattle, lynch mobs happen because of feelings.  That's exactly the kind of governance, in principle, that Seattle is an example for.  Whoa!  Wake up!

You can get the flavor of Communist China under this kind of law in Confessions:  An Innocent Life in Communist China by Kang Zhengguo.