Saturday, January 26, 2013

How the Community Organizer Works (To Transform America to a Collectivist State)

Many Americans by now are getting the drift. We have a man in the White House who is causing one dissension after another and imposing his will on the people of this land. He doesn’t do it like a regular dictator. He does it by creating massive opposing sides (dissension) where there were none and where the people had no need of solutions. To satisfy the outcry, he brings into existence solutions which his agenda demands. All of these solutions are collectivist solutions and what we end up with is not the United States of America, conceived in liberty and justice for all, but a stratified state where there are the elite who run it and the rest of us who, with the choice of slaves, pay for it.

For example, there was no demand for a public health system, and yet, he brought it into existence. There was no demand for gun control, yet he is working to bring it into existence. There was no demand by the workers for General Motors’ investors money, yet he stole their money and gave it to the unions. There was no general outcry for a green economy and the intellectual backing for it is quite suspect, yet we have thousands of regulations placed on industry and business. On and on, there was no demand, and yet we have solutions.

There has been a demand to get the government’s spending under control so that it doesn’t upend the United States. No solution. There has been a demand for jobs and healthy economy. No solution. There has been a demand for justice in the application of laws. No solution and in fact, there is more favoritism in the application of laws than ever before. One of the salient characteristics of Obama’s passing Obamacare was that he had to excuse a lot of companies from it. Now what kind of unjust mess is that?  He has destroyed “equal under the law” in favor of special treatments, special interests and inequality under the law. Obama is the anti-government.  This isn’t capitalism where private property reigns supreme. Not even close.  It’s fascism* pure and unadulterated.  It is corruption run amok. 

And look what Feinstein wants to do on gun control.  Here.

On and on this goes. We, the country, is under the spell of a master manipulator – a manipulator who can manipulate whole societies and impose his will. The art of this kind of a manipulator is known as “community organizing.”

There is something that sounds wholesome about a community organizer – like his work is going to help a community. But that is wholly false. What is true is that he uses the motive energy that is latent in a community.  He brings it to the surface when he speaks or causes some injustice to some people. Then he uses that energy for his ends – not the community’s ends. He rides that energy like the wind, obtaining political power.  But when all is said and done, the community lies in tatters and the end was nothing more than the destruction of the community itself. All of the injustice from the favoritism to the hatred that had to be created to mobilize voters wrecks community. The ostensible end matters not and is not accomplished.

An example I am thinking of is when Barack Obama worked up a South Chicago community that had a high crime rate over policemen patrolling their neighborhoods. He said the police were racists and that was why they were stopping their black teenage boys when they were looking like they were up to no good. So after he got the community to cry out, he got the cops stopped.  Once they went away, guess what happened? That’s right, the community suffered an even higher crime rate. So, Obama used that community to get his name out there and make his political point, namely that he was a man to be reckoned with, and left the people worse off by his working with them. This is typical.

We can expect to see a more stratified society because Obama is creating those who are with him – who get the money he lays his hands on by being President – and those who are against him. Obama does not listen to the American people to solve real problems. He listens to them as a battle of energies that he is causing. God knows what he was trying to do with Fast and Furious. Or Benghazi. He listens for when he has the backing to make his move for HIS agenda. And, just as in the Obamacare bill, when the time is right, he will do anything to get the result he wants. He will violate the law. (Courts are beginning to rule against him now.)  He will get a toady into Congress. (Al Franken?  Are you kidding?  By hook and by crook he got there and then cast the 60th vote in the Senate which gave Obama his healthcare program.)  He exempts people from the dratted bill if their opposition could hurt his campaign.  He will keep people up all night.  Miss Christmas.  Anything. That’s how important his agenda and unimportant the people’s will is to him.  When you have gall stones removed in an operating room at your local post office, it will hit you that you are not important.  (OK, I hope I'm exaggerating on that one.)  

Obama, it has been noted, is always campaigning.  His is a campaign for power - political power - wielded by him.  That is all it is and we are being used by him for that.  How many of us have noticed that we the individuals aren't important and even that we, the United States, is not important.  This is why.  

He’s gotten the political atmosphere so charged that if a person speaks against him, he is an automatic racist. In his political world, ideas are not only not necessary, they are a threat.  Ideas, are to be derided and not admitted into any conversation. Accusing someone of being a racist ends the conversation. He and his cohorts are one massive use of the Argument from Intimidation.**

He does this in many areas. If you are a Republican, you hate old people and women. You are always a threat to a woman’s sexual freedom and her ability to get contraception.  And, oh yes, you do hate gays and who knows what you would do to them. On and on it goes even though there is no truth in any of this as a generality.  Being on the libertarian/conservative side myself, I’ve been awed by the openness and rights-observing demeanor of my side. My opinion is that the racists – those who think of skin color first – are on the Left. They always point the finger away from themselves because they are the ones who are and rely on racism as intimidation. We have seen racism go from an unspoken dirty little secret to an open battle of political warfare. Those that think of it first and use it are the modern racists, bringing skin color to the front and center of every conversation.  The political payoff for those that claim you are racist against them is that they then claim being a victim of you.  "Oh, that poor victim.  Poor baby."  We have to get that war is going on here.

The thing that allows Obama to get away with his efforts is 1) he identifies with being black and people identify him with being black which plays into the racial dynamic of this country (this in spite of his working almost entirely with whites) (The racial dynamic revolves around blacks given the moral high ground because they were slaves.  This, by the way, if they are ever to hold themselves as equal, has to stop.  They are responsible for their actions, end of story.  The past is the past.  Forgedduboudit), 2) he has a way of keeping his voice and demeanor within the normal range such that people think he is the rational one in the room, 3) he lies and says whatever he has to in front of the audience he is addressing and lets the disarray be part of the general hubbub and dissension of the populace.***  Generally I’ve found the best way to predict what he will do is to know that it will be the opposite of what he says.  And 4) he has developed a constituency of the ignorant, the dependent, the guilty, the looters from the intellectual/big business class who profit directly from his policies, and those who want to see America, the very idea of liberty and justice for all, destroyed. We know the latter because they will not lift a finger or a syllable to the slavery that is still plentiful in Africa and the Middle East, and will make America wrong for originally admitting and then correcting the matter of slavery. These people are evil and up to no good.  The Reverend Wright is one of these people. 

Obama fooled us.  We thought he would come from the other side of the race matter and by his work, put race behind us.  Ha, ha, ho, ho, ho!


*Fascism is when the title to property is held by the individual, but the use and disposal of the property is controlled by the government.  Fascism can easily lead to a totalitarian state because, after all, the state has created a problem with all of those people who still want to control the use of their property in order to live.  Fascism is a government set against human life.  People go on strike and withdraw because they cannot legally operate within the state to live.
**Argument from Intimidation
***Here's one way Obama causes dissension, making sure we are all at odds with each other. 
How Saul Alinsky Taught Obama to Say One Thing and Do the Opposite.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guns Save Lives

We have got to hold the government and administrators of various kinds responsible for all the killing that is going on – especially in schools. Because these places are gun free zones often created by law or by well-intentioned but ignorant school officials, the victims of these shootings and those that would protect them are left defenseless.

This is a government/administration problem – not an ordinary citizen problem. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. Whoever prevents the presence of guns for protection in a public school or other gathering spot for the public is the real cause of the reach and extent of the violence that occurs in these places. We need to see Senator Feinstein and President Obama because of their advocacy and actions, as advocates of murder and mayhem. They are the ones preventing people from protecting themselves. Although they try to sound like our protectors, they are the opposite. They are our destroyers.