Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Marxism Ruined Countries and Now An Individual

Marxism is a philosophy of "us vs. them."  In the case of Marx, it was the proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie.

Countries have tried to live by it and have destroyed themselves.  Russia, Germany, China come to mind.  There are countries with mixtures of Marxism with freedom and they limp along because of the destructive nature of Marxism.

Fundamentally, it is false - in defiance of reality.

The truth is, human beings are human beings.  They can believe one thing today, become aware of something different and change their belief to something else tomorrow.  That follows from the nature of the human mind, man's means of survival.

Marxism fails because it does not make room for the human mind.  It demands that you have something to be against.  Thus it cannot hold people as a possibility, the possibility that they can grow and become something greater in the future. 

Now we see Obama destroying himself before the world - for the same reason.  He always construes everything in terms of those against him.  It's "us vs. them."  He goes after the Republicans for this reason.  Now he is going after Fox News.  Why?  He has to have an enemy.  This is how he exists.

In his recent interview with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, he blames his troubles on the view of him that  Fox News has presented.  With their mouths shut, he would be able to succeed - he thinks.

(Obama was reared with these ideas from the beginning and, as far as I am able to discern, he built on them his whole life.  The integration of these ideas into his life and his smoothness in speaking is part of what gives him some feel of authenticity.  But that can only go so far because the ideas are not true to reality.)

Cannot people see this destructive seed in Barack Obama?  This is the root of it.  From this, a robust tyrant would have Fox News in the gulag - along with everyone else that he sees as the "them."  This is what Hitler did; what Stalin did; what Mao did.  Although Obama is a smooth operator, he germinated from the same philosophical root.  

And there is no satiation to this demand.  This is why Obama is the Great Divider - everywhere he goes.  His philosophy drives him to be this way.  (Is it true that Michelle has had it?)

And this is why his approach to life is pre-Enlightenment.  The United States arose out of the Enlightenment.  Is there no wonder we have a conflict here?  Obama didn't make it that far.    

Saturday, February 1, 2014

We Have A Serious Problem

When the President lied, telling us we could keep our healthcare, he destroyed his ability to persuade.  Most people are no longer able to hear him. 

When the President told us he would write his own laws and enforce the ones on the books according to his whim, he became the "fuck you" President.  He destroyed the value of our voices via our representatives. 

How can we conclude anything other than this President despises America; and how can we conclude anything other than this Congress which is not in full revolt over its castration is fast becoming not our means for civil government but our enemy for civil government?

What are we to do?  Wait?