Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Political Liberty at war with "Freedom"

Political liberty is now seen as being stingy. Anyone who speaks for liberty is seen as excluding people from the bounty of government - benefits. It is Obamacare, according to Pelosi, that will give people the "freedom" to play the guitar and pursue other interests in one's life. This is "freedom" in the upside-down world of the Progressive. So now we have political liberty set against "freedom."

But it is worse than this. Obamacare has to be paid for. And it is not just paid for by big business. It's paid for by every federal tax on every business and every employee and every other individual. And all of these taxes are not voluntary. They are extracted at the point of the government's gun. So surprise! "Freedom" = slavery. Only a slave is forced to act against his will when he has not committed a crime.

The United States has entered the netherworld realm of the totalitarian state - a world without anything approaching clean, fully breathable oxygen. We've been on this course, headed this way for a hundred years and now we are here. We see explicitly, democracy reduced to nothing more than window dressing for a President who does what he wants all the while lying that he's limited by the Constitution and Congress.

And none of this is going to get better for now, at least. We will know liberty has a chance when we see that the place and role of private property rises in importance in the course of human events - both personally and socially. In a society of individual men, private property is the way for agreements and the law to be objective. Without it, it's the hopeless struggle for power by increasingly ruthless men.

The more our leaders thrive on the backs of the "collective", a concept comprised of "non-people," we will continue to slide into the "no standards - this is how I feel about it now" abyss. The Presidency of hope has earned what he came for - no hope.

Aren't contradictions wonderful?