Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"They" being the Enfeebled Minds

Enfeebled because, just because...
"I believe in magic."

Cartoon by John Cox.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Democrat Death Watch

Many have predicted that the Democratic Party is committing suicide. That is dependent on whether people see their actions (which I do) as the murder of the American ideal and the idea that YOU own your life. If so, then they will be voted out and the party will either go off into the dustbin of history along with the socialist ideal, an ideal that died when we saw that the Soviet Union was a sham that depended on repressing all information and knowledge, killing some 30 millions by preventing them from being able to farm and do the things they needed to do to survive, locking people into a giant prison behind armored walls, and creating a condition of universal poverty so the people could never produce and trade themselves into some state of prosperity.

The essential problem with socialism is that it either forces people or lures them to be dependent on the government. It says, "Here Kitty, kitty, kitty" and the "cats" walk into the government trap and are never able to escape thereafter. They are prevented in every possible way from using their brains for their survival. For that they must wait on the government. Instead of you owning your life and using it however you choose, you become a resource of the government to use however it wants.

If America does take action, then the Democrats' current ideas are going to have to go. How this will happen, we will see. Here are the ones that have so far voted YES to murder America. One is a Republican and two are Independents.

Barack Obama



Begich, Mark


Lincoln, Blanche
Pryor, Mark

Feinstein, Dianne
Boxer, Barbara

Udall, Mark
Bennet, Michael

Dodd, Chris
Lieberman, Joe (Independent)

Carper, Tom
Kaufman, Ted

Nelson, Bill


Inouye, Daniel
Akaka, Daniel


Durbin, Dick
Burris, Roland

Bayh, Evan

Harkin, Tom



Landrieu, Mary


Mikulski, Barbara
Cardin, Ben

Kerry, John

Levin, Carl
Stabenow, Debbie

Klobuchar, Amy
Franken, Al


McCaskill, Claire

Baucus, Max
Tester, Jon

Nelson, Ben

Reid, Harry

New Hampshire
Shaheen, Jeanne

New Jersey
Lautenberg, Frank
Menendez, Bob

New Mexico
Bingaman, Jeff
Udall, Tom

New York
Schumer, Chuck
Gillibrand, Kirsten

North Carolina
Hagan, Kay

North Dakota
Conrad, Kent
Dorgan, Byron

Brown, Sherrod


Wyden, Ron
Merkley, Jeff

Specter, Arlen
Casey, Bob, Jr.

Rhode Island
Reed, Jack
Whitehouse, Sheldon

South Carolina

South Dakota
Johnson, Tim




Leahy, Patrick
Sanders, Bernie (Independent)

Webb, Jim
Warner, Mark

Murray, Patty
Cantwell, Maria

West Virginia
Robert Byrd
Rockefeller, Jay

Kohl, Herb
Feingold, Russ


US House of Representations



1. Kirkpatrick, Ann
4. Pastor, Ed
5. Mitchell, Harry
7. Grijalva, Raul M.
8. Giffords, Gabrielle

1. Berry, Marion
2. Snyder, Vic

1. Thompson, Mike
5. Matsui, Doris
6. Woolsey, Lynn
7. Miller, George
8. Pelosi, Nancy
9. Lee, Barbara
10.Garamendi, John
11.McNerney, Jerry
12.Speier, Jackie
13.Stark, Pete
14.Eshoo, Anna
15.Honda, Mike
16.Lofgren, Zoe
17.Farr, Sam
18.Cardoza, Dennis
20.Costa, Jim
23.Capps, Lois
27.Sherman, Brad
28.Berman, Howard
29.Schiff, Adam
30.Waxman, Henry
31.Becerra, Xavier
32.Chu, Judy
33.Watson, Diane
34.Roybal-Allard, Lucille
35.Waters, Maxine
36.Harman, Jane
37.Richardson, Laura
38.Napolitano, Grace
39.Sanchez, Linda
43.Baca, Joe
47.Sanchez, Loretta
51.Filner, Bob
53.Davis, Susan

1. DeGette, Diana
2. Polis, Jared
3. Salazar, John
7. Perlmutter, Ed

1. Larson, John
2. Courtney, Joe
3. DeLauro, Rosa
4. Himes, Jim
5. Murphy, Chris


3. Brown, Corrine
8. Grayson, Alan
11.Castor, Kathy
17.Meek, Kendrick
19.Wexler, Robert
20.Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
22.Klein, Ron
23.Hastings, Alcee

2. Bishop, Sanford
4. Johnson, Hank
5. Lewis, John
13.Scott, David

1. Abercrombie, Neil
2. Hirono, Mazie


1. Rush, Bobby
2. Jackson, Jesse Jr.
3. Lipinski, Dan
4. Gutierrez, Luis
5. Quigley, Michael
7. Davis, Danny K.
8. Bean, Melissa
9. Schakowsky, Janice D.
11.Halvorson, Debbie
12.Costello, Jerry
14.Foster, Bill
17.Hare, Philip

1. Visclosky, Pete
2. Donnelly, Joe
7. Carson, Andre
8. Ellsworth,Brad
9. Hill, Baron

1. Braley, Bruce
2. Loebsack, David
3. Boswell, Leonard

3. Moore, Dennis

3. Yarmuth, John

2. Cao, Joseph (Republican)

1. Pingree, Chellie
2. Michaud, Mike

2. Ruppersberger, Dutch
3. Sarbanes, John
4. Edwards, Donna
5. Hoyer, Steny
7. Cummings, Elijah
8. van Hollen, Chris

1. Olver, John
2. Neal, Richard
3. McGovern, Jim
4. Frank, Barney
5. Tsongas, Niki
6. Tierney, John
7. Markey, Ed
8. Capuano, Mike
9. Lynch, Stephen
10.Delahunt, Bill

1. Stupak, Bart -- RETIRED, a coward - April 8, 2010
5. Kildee, Dale E.
7. Schauer, Mark
9. Peters, Gary
12.Levin, Sander
13.Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks
14.Conyers, John Jr.
15.Dingell, John

1. Walz, Tim
4. McCollum, Betty
5. Ellison, Keith
8. Oberstar, Jim

2. Thompson, Bennie

1. Clay, William Lacy Jr.
3. Carnahan, Russ
5. Cleaver, Emanuel



1. Berkley, Shelley
3. Titus, Dina

New Hampshire
1. Shea-Porter, Carol
2. Hodes, Paul

New Jersey
1. Andrews, Rob
6. Pallone, Frank
8. Pascrell, Bill Jr.
9. Rothman, Steve
10.Payne, Donald M.
12.Holt, Rush D. Jr.
13.Sires, Albio

New Mexico
1. Heinrich, Martin
3. Lujan, Ben R.

New York
1. Bishop, Tim
2. Israel, Steve
4. McCarthy, Carolyn
5. Ackerman, Gary
6. Meeks, Gregory W.
7. Crowley, Joseph
8. Nadler, Jerrold
9. Weiner, Anthony D.
10.Towns, Ed
11.Clarke, Yvette D.
12.Velazquez, Nydia
14.Maloney, Carolyn B.
15.Rangel, Charles B.
16.Serrano, Jose
17.Engel, Eliot L.
18.Lowey, Nita
19.Hall, John
21.Tonko, Paul
22.Hinchey, Maurice
23.Owens, Bill
24.Arcuri, Michael
25.Maffei, Dan
27.Higgins, Brian
28.Slaughter, Louise McIntosh

North Carolina
1. Butterfield, G.K.
2. Etheridge, Bob
4. Price, David
12.Watt, Mel
13.Miller, Brad

North Dakota
Pomeroy, Earl

1. Driehaus, Steve
6. Wilson, Charlie
9. Kaptur, Marcy
11.Fudge, Marcia
13.Sutton, Betty
15.Kilroy, Mary Jo
17.Ryan, Tim
18.Space, Zack


1. Wu, David
3. Blumenauer, Earl
4. DeFazio, Peter
5. Schrader, Kurt

1. Brady, Bob
2. Fattah, Chaka
3. Dahlkepmer, Kathy
7. Sestak, Joe
8. Murphy, Patrick
10.Carney, Chris
11.Kanjorski, Paul E.
12.Murtha, John
13.Schwartz, Allyson
14.Doyle, Michael F.

Rhode Island
1. Kennedy, Patrick J.
2. Langevin, James

South Carolina
5. Spratt, John
6. Clyburn, Jim

South Dakota

5. Cooper, Jim
9. Cohen, Steve

9. Green, Al
15.Hinojosa, Ruben
16.Reyes, Silvestre
18.Jackson-Lee, Sheila
20.Gonzalez, Charlie
23.Rodriguez, Ciro
25.Doggett, Lloyd
27.Ortiz, Solomon P.
28.Cuellar, Henry
29.Green, Gene
30.Johnson, Eddie Bernice


Welch, Peter

3. Scott, Robert C.
5. Perriello, Tom
8. Moran, Jim
11.Connolly, Gerry

1. Inslee, Jay
2. Larsen, Rick
6. Dicks, Norm
7. McDermott, Jim
9. Smith, Adam

West Virginia
1. Mollohan, Alan
3. Rahall, Nick

2. Baldwin, Tammy
3. Kind, Ron
4. Moore, Gwen
7. Obey, Dave
8. Kagen, Steve


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Suckers!

Mr. Ponzi

So you think you are going to get something for nothing?

One thing that is clear from the bill is that it is racist. Therefore anyone who wants a doctor who succeeds on merit should not select a black or Hispanic doctor. They are instructed in the bill to be given preference over all other applicants. Go here for an elucidation on this point.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Slavehood!

If Health Care is a right, then slavery is a right.

"Step right up! All able-bodied workers are here-by conscripted into perpetuity.

"Thanks men, especially the doctors. Of course we don't want to forget all you worker bees out there too. You will shoulder the brunt of the costs. America thanks you. Slaves are good and I, BO, am kind."


Wait! There may be some problems. Not everyone wants to fall into line.

Andrew Bernstein writes on Facebook today: "If the government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me. I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on my website, on Facebook, to my students, in my lectures, and on the radio. I will fight this in the courts--or will the DC Fascists suspend the right to trial by jury? I suspect--and hope--that millions of Americans will do the same."


News Flash: Washington says they did not want to have to get into the tough stuff, but it looks like the first wave of prisoners will be sent to the first prison in the American Gulag. No name on which one of the 22 designated sites will be selected.

News Flash: 40% of America's doctors walked off the job. "Screw this. No future, no work. Bye."

News Flash: Patients can't get served as the long lines were more than they could bear with a toothache. They went home and pulled their own teeth and had two shots of whiskey.

New Flash: Liberals crumpling. They thought passing Government Health Care would assuage their consciences since the program would forever ensure the good, and by implication their goodness. Now they are seeing their own parents and children hauled off to prison. "What happened? You can't blame me. I am good. I AM, I tell you."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


America: The only country that ever gave a man a chance to be his own somebody.

What happened? People took her up on the offer, made something of themselves and created the greatest, most prosperous, most generous society ever known to man.

Then along came Barack Obama. He said, "This society sucks. How do I know? Look at this person who is suffering. A man or a society is worthy not by its achievements but by what it has not achieved, not what they made of themselves but by what they failed to make of themselves. Therefore, turn America upside down. Enslave the prosperous to the poor, the clean to the unclean, the achievers to the slackers, the proud to the poor in spirit. I will be The One to offer hope to the downtrodden, the moochers and the looters, and forcibly transform all agreements among men into my orders."

What did America do? Being achievers, she turned herself into a zero overnight. She never learned the next lesson: How to grow and prosper through and beyond a flood of abundance.

What did Obama do? He died an old man, rocking on a front porch, still smoking cigarettes and drinking too much. He had carried out his life purpose, a small-minded purpose which was all he was capable of: Deliver the hotshots to hell, ruin the possibility that America ever was, and end Hope forever. He couldn't help being proud and, oh yes, righteous.

(Image from Drudge Report, 3-16-10)

Oh yah, forgot. His daughters disowned him even though he had been famous. They got tired of being judged by what they weren't rather than what they were.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who's Going to Save America?

The Government Health Care Issue comes to a head this week. What is the essence of the push to make sure that Government Health Care is established in America - this in the face of America having the best health care in the world? Most people do not want it and anyone who votes for it will likely end a martyr for the cause - losing his seat in Congress.

Government Health Care is a necessity for one reason: It ends individualism! It ends people being responsible for themselves, thinking for themselves and creating the life they want to live. It ends the value of people who invent, create, and do what it takes to be an entrepreneur in any field and area of human life.

Why does Barack Obama care? Why do the people who surround him care? Some hate America, individual rights and it's political/economic system, capitalism. They think they are the bane of the earth, unleashing free men to run amok and ruin it. People are getting too much. They must be made to exist on less. "Let's have them exist in a state of velvet poverty." Consequently, they think they are justified to bring all those with more, under the thumb of all those with less. This is Barack's cudgel. "I shall take America off its white horse of noble aspirations and pride, and place her in the gutter where she belongs. I am The One."

This hatred of the individual comes down to the hatred of the individual mind. It gets expressed in many ways. The Europeans and Up-easterners derisively call it being a cowboy. All it is is the independent mind and the entrepreneurial spirit.

They think that capitalism and the individual mind it depends on is ruining the earth. They do not get that resources never go out of existence. They only transform. And given our minds, we find the next way to transform them. We've already learned so many ways to transform yesterday's trash into today's treasure.

The earth never gave us our existence. If one sits around, it does not deliver sustenance to your doorstep or lay it on your tongue. We are designed to and must fulfill on that design to transform the elements of this earth for our use. It's that or die. So, let's not get confused here and indulge in illusions. The people who want to control everything including your health hate you and they hate man. Never have I see an American president and administration so committed to the hatred of America's people.

If you ask an African if Obama rings true as an "African" president, they say "no." If you ask an African-American if Obama rings true as an African-American, they say "no." (Michelle does, he doesn't.) If you ask an American who values the system of freedom that America is, they say he doesn't ring true as an American. So who is Barack Hussein Obama? What does he ring true to?

How about this? Muslim. His first years - prior to age 6 were spent largely in the care of Muslim people and culture. He lived in Indonesia most of that time.

If you notice, Western Europe is collapsing to the Muslims. In England, in the Muslim communities, sharia law is allowed to be practiced. Sharia law is tribal, religious/mystical and anti-individual. It is the antithesis of the Enlightenment and the values it fostered - primarily reason. Muslim culture is anti-mind, anti-reason, and collectivist. It is just another old-time religion -- just as righteous and just as viciously dangerous.

Western Europe never was able to fight the anti-reason political forces because the value of the mind never was clear to the individuals in those societies. They put up with the remnants of collectivism and ended up giving birth to the major atrocities of the 20th century which were anti-reason and anti-individual.

This was not the case in America. Here we had individual rights and we came to celebrate individualism. We like what different people have to offer. We trade. Many of us grasped the value of being able to think because we made it pay off. We were able to make livings and we knew that it was our own minds that was at the source of that.

How Barack Obama is able to stand before the American people and tell one lie after another in the interest of fooling them into buying his program and being able to do so with no remorse, no guilt and no faltering is something at the root of what he is about. And after all the effort he has expended to accomplish this, he flies off to Indonesia.

Indonesia - of all places! Indonesia is where he was raise those first six years. It is the Muslim culture in which he was developed. So, if he is going home after his supposed triumph or defeat, why? And, why there? Why not Hawaii? Why not Chicago!

Barack Obama who got a bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve intends to deliver the ultimate bill on Easter. Except he will not be here. He will have arisen in Air Force One and flew to Indonesia, the place where he was raise - in his rods, the place where "the 5 o'clock call to prayer rings no sweeter." And what he hopes to deliver is a captured, subjugated America - one that has been shorn of the power of its individual thinkers (people like you and me) - one ripe for the triumph of whatever group of people is capable of taking over a culture that is unable to use its mind.

If you do not realize how captured and how subjugated, listen to the provision of the Health Care Bill HERE.

Europe must capitulate to any culture that has the wherewithal to confound and outlast the confused, conflicted Western culture. With America shorn of its minds, it will now be as Europe - powerless to do anything to stem the tide of any would-be invader - most likely Islam. The remnants of its values - the value of every individual - without the guardian of individual minds calling their own and other individual minds to account in myriad ways, is incapable of holding Islam to the requirements of reality. And thus that huge mystic system will flood the earth with its ignorance. The beacon of the possibility of freedom and consequent intelligence will be dead.

And Barack who has never found a church in America will probably go to a mosque in Indonesia this weekend deliver his gift, America, to Islam. We've seen him bow. This weekend we will see him prostrate in a combination of exhaustion and profound submission.

Does this have to happen? NO.

Not if ONE COURAGEOUS US REPRESENTATIVE saves America. All he has to do is vote NO on the Government Health Care. All he has to do is value America more than a bad joke of a bill that has nothing to do with Health Care. All he has to do is value FREEDOM over SLAVERY, freedom as the context for his personal power not as a threat to it. All he has to do is separate himself from a small group of men soon to find themselves on a dust heap.

(Does this sound a little kooky? A little extreme? When you think in principles, you don't waste your time staying confused and uncertain, frittering yourself away acting inconsistent with them. And yes they do seem black and white. They are. That's the beauty of them. Makes picking the right course so much easier than trying to waffle oneself to the right result.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Healthcare Horror

Friday, March 12, 2010

Socialism is a Suckle Machine

Ever notice how socialism requires victims? It requires them from two sides. It always portrays some people as victims and the signifier of this mentality is a dependency of one form or another. Someone else or some circumstance is the reason that things just aren't working out. This side of socialism's requirement of victims become the justification for action. "Poor baby, we must fix things for you."

And then it requires real victims which are worthy of looting for their material wealth. Currently insurance companies are being turned into victims. It's been bankers, Wall Street types, anyone with wealth.

So Socialism encourages people to suckle from the government and be dependent on the government and it, in turn, must find people from which to suckle in order to have the resources to keep the sucklers happy. It is a suckle machine. All so "babified." Eeeeww!

There is no maturity in this system. There is no adulthood. There are only immature people who do not operate by means of reason and agreement and allow their "nurturing" aspect to take over everything. This is nurturing run wild - turned into a crime against humanity.

This is so ugly. Why don't people see this? Let me guess. They have an investment in the suckle mentality - one side or the other - providing the suckling or finding the milk of production that can be high-jacked and looted for their purposes.

What is the way out of this mess? Have a purpose of your own. Be intellectually independent and follow your own conclusions.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Incredibly Evil Democrats

Today I saw a video clip where Harry Reid made a speech reminding people that this Health Care bill is not about all our concerns. Rather, it is about the greatest sob story that one can parade before the American public.

I consider this Administration and Congress the epitome of evil. Never have I seen such a callous use of people's infirmities and hardships as a means to induce people to set aside reason and vote for a government-forced, wretched Health Care system. Obama and the Democrats are willing to raise the needy's hopes to astromonical levels that will never be achieved in the form of any kind of care that the cold and callous government would ever provide. Socialism simply has never been able to produce such a thing. There is such a disconnect between the politicians appeal to heart and their own heartlessness that frankly I cannot stomach it. The government is known not for its successes nor caring but for its failures and its ice cold hand.

Capitalism is the only systems that has people care. Socialism - Obama's system - could give a shit.

And besides this, while Reid, Obama, Michelle, Pelosi or whoever is trotting out one of their staged "needies", they are icing over all those who will have to pay for and are adversely affected by this plan. There will be millions of stories on the other side of this bill, should it pass, of the hardships that it causes. That is for certain as all of the other countries who have such a system know full well. (Are you aware that in Norway, unless you have friends or relatives who bring food to you in the hospital, you go hungry? Yes, sir.)

And believe me, the money is not going to come from the rich. Only the envy-ridden would want to believe that and thus advance that reason. As this country piles hate upon the rich, they will simply take their riches elsewhere. They may not want to, but they will anyway. They know they cannot rely on the US Government to protect their rights - since it isn't committed to protecting anyone's rights. Those left will be footing the bill. Hello! (The other phenomenon which no one will address is that people will come to hate the "needies" even more. There is nothing more disgusting than the chip-on-the-shoulder "entitled.")

But of all the things that is so galling and has been so hard to accept is that we see that there are people who actually believe that if the government uses its force to compel people to participate in a government health care system and pay for other people, that is a moral act. They say that it is the right and good thing to do.

How wrong they. Rather than a humane society that gives everyone a chance to pursue his purposes and live his life to the fullest he can imagine and wants. it straps most people down to the lowest common denominator. Since it is held in place by government force, the opportunity to be moral is reduced to insignificant choices. Consequently, and as the record shows, societies shrink in their capacities. They become like organs kept alive by suspending them in saline. They may be alive at some minimal level, but they are not really alive. (If you care to check this out, google the inventions that have come from the socialist countries. They are mostly few and insignificant and that phenomenon occurs after socialism became a basis for their society.)

A humane society is one that protects one's right to make choices. Choosing engenders responsibility for one's choices. Being responsible is the essence of maturity and wisdom. And all of that depends on the reality of property and the right to own it, use it and exchange it. This system is called capitalism. It is the only humane and moral political system yet known. Although America is the home of that system, it really is the system of the future. We have been drifting backward into the dark ages for over a hundred years. But now we are beginning to see this and many of us have had enough. And, contrary to the Left's constant railings, it is not evil. It is in fact, the only system that allows and fosters the good.