Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who's Going to Save America?

The Government Health Care Issue comes to a head this week. What is the essence of the push to make sure that Government Health Care is established in America - this in the face of America having the best health care in the world? Most people do not want it and anyone who votes for it will likely end a martyr for the cause - losing his seat in Congress.

Government Health Care is a necessity for one reason: It ends individualism! It ends people being responsible for themselves, thinking for themselves and creating the life they want to live. It ends the value of people who invent, create, and do what it takes to be an entrepreneur in any field and area of human life.

Why does Barack Obama care? Why do the people who surround him care? Some hate America, individual rights and it's political/economic system, capitalism. They think they are the bane of the earth, unleashing free men to run amok and ruin it. People are getting too much. They must be made to exist on less. "Let's have them exist in a state of velvet poverty." Consequently, they think they are justified to bring all those with more, under the thumb of all those with less. This is Barack's cudgel. "I shall take America off its white horse of noble aspirations and pride, and place her in the gutter where she belongs. I am The One."

This hatred of the individual comes down to the hatred of the individual mind. It gets expressed in many ways. The Europeans and Up-easterners derisively call it being a cowboy. All it is is the independent mind and the entrepreneurial spirit.

They think that capitalism and the individual mind it depends on is ruining the earth. They do not get that resources never go out of existence. They only transform. And given our minds, we find the next way to transform them. We've already learned so many ways to transform yesterday's trash into today's treasure.

The earth never gave us our existence. If one sits around, it does not deliver sustenance to your doorstep or lay it on your tongue. We are designed to and must fulfill on that design to transform the elements of this earth for our use. It's that or die. So, let's not get confused here and indulge in illusions. The people who want to control everything including your health hate you and they hate man. Never have I see an American president and administration so committed to the hatred of America's people.

If you ask an African if Obama rings true as an "African" president, they say "no." If you ask an African-American if Obama rings true as an African-American, they say "no." (Michelle does, he doesn't.) If you ask an American who values the system of freedom that America is, they say he doesn't ring true as an American. So who is Barack Hussein Obama? What does he ring true to?

How about this? Muslim. His first years - prior to age 6 were spent largely in the care of Muslim people and culture. He lived in Indonesia most of that time.

If you notice, Western Europe is collapsing to the Muslims. In England, in the Muslim communities, sharia law is allowed to be practiced. Sharia law is tribal, religious/mystical and anti-individual. It is the antithesis of the Enlightenment and the values it fostered - primarily reason. Muslim culture is anti-mind, anti-reason, and collectivist. It is just another old-time religion -- just as righteous and just as viciously dangerous.

Western Europe never was able to fight the anti-reason political forces because the value of the mind never was clear to the individuals in those societies. They put up with the remnants of collectivism and ended up giving birth to the major atrocities of the 20th century which were anti-reason and anti-individual.

This was not the case in America. Here we had individual rights and we came to celebrate individualism. We like what different people have to offer. We trade. Many of us grasped the value of being able to think because we made it pay off. We were able to make livings and we knew that it was our own minds that was at the source of that.

How Barack Obama is able to stand before the American people and tell one lie after another in the interest of fooling them into buying his program and being able to do so with no remorse, no guilt and no faltering is something at the root of what he is about. And after all the effort he has expended to accomplish this, he flies off to Indonesia.

Indonesia - of all places! Indonesia is where he was raise those first six years. It is the Muslim culture in which he was developed. So, if he is going home after his supposed triumph or defeat, why? And, why there? Why not Hawaii? Why not Chicago!

Barack Obama who got a bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve intends to deliver the ultimate bill on Easter. Except he will not be here. He will have arisen in Air Force One and flew to Indonesia, the place where he was raise - in his rods, the place where "the 5 o'clock call to prayer rings no sweeter." And what he hopes to deliver is a captured, subjugated America - one that has been shorn of the power of its individual thinkers (people like you and me) - one ripe for the triumph of whatever group of people is capable of taking over a culture that is unable to use its mind.

If you do not realize how captured and how subjugated, listen to the provision of the Health Care Bill HERE.

Europe must capitulate to any culture that has the wherewithal to confound and outlast the confused, conflicted Western culture. With America shorn of its minds, it will now be as Europe - powerless to do anything to stem the tide of any would-be invader - most likely Islam. The remnants of its values - the value of every individual - without the guardian of individual minds calling their own and other individual minds to account in myriad ways, is incapable of holding Islam to the requirements of reality. And thus that huge mystic system will flood the earth with its ignorance. The beacon of the possibility of freedom and consequent intelligence will be dead.

And Barack who has never found a church in America will probably go to a mosque in Indonesia this weekend deliver his gift, America, to Islam. We've seen him bow. This weekend we will see him prostrate in a combination of exhaustion and profound submission.

Does this have to happen? NO.

Not if ONE COURAGEOUS US REPRESENTATIVE saves America. All he has to do is vote NO on the Government Health Care. All he has to do is value America more than a bad joke of a bill that has nothing to do with Health Care. All he has to do is value FREEDOM over SLAVERY, freedom as the context for his personal power not as a threat to it. All he has to do is separate himself from a small group of men soon to find themselves on a dust heap.

(Does this sound a little kooky? A little extreme? When you think in principles, you don't waste your time staying confused and uncertain, frittering yourself away acting inconsistent with them. And yes they do seem black and white. They are. That's the beauty of them. Makes picking the right course so much easier than trying to waffle oneself to the right result.)

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Excellent post. One of the best I've read on this issue. Thanks.