Monday, September 26, 2011

The Campaign of Hate

Already it has begun. The only way you can place your name under the Democrat banner this coming year is if you hate the rich, hate the Republicans, hate the Tea Party, hate the anti-Obamacare-ites, hate the Constitutionalists, hate, hate, hate.

Obama gets this honestly. He sat in that hatred-spewing Reverend Wright's church for 20 years - and Reverend Wright is a master of hate. No one can make his voice sound like without being filled with hate. And of course, O made friends with self-styled, hate-filled terrorist, Bill Ayers, who is snide as he can be as he still generates discord.

The Community Organizer business runs on hate. Alinsky runs on hate. That is all Obama and his cronies know - hate, hate, hate - tear down; destroy; burn, baby, burn.

Why? There are only two positions of being available and they are mutually exclusive: Creating Value or Victim. When one is a victim, he's not creating value and when he's creating value, he's not a victim.

The thing that is basic to the American idea is that people are free to create value. In fact their individual rights including their property are protected so they can do that. And because they are, they do. And because they do, many are successful.

The liberal Left position is in an unworkable situation. They are forever the victim. America was built on the enslavement of the black man, they say, and no matter that we fought a war over that and he was set free, he is still and will forever be a victim of that. Now that belief is pure bunkum. In fact there were slaves who weren't victims when they were slaves. But some black parasites making a living out of stoking the victim position. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Lewis, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Obama, to name a few. All of these people are despicable people. They deserve to roast in a hell sparked by their own tongues.

One never grows out of being a victim. One transforms from victim to creator and can do it at any moment, any time, any day. It happens in the twinkling of an eye and is completely up to the individual - and it is an individual phenomenon. Tribes never make the transformation. They use being victim to glue the tribe together. It's like the picture that is either a vase or two faces, but not both at the same time.

This stuff is totally predictable. Every would-be dictator, which I think Obama considers himself to be, must generate folks being victims because it provides the grounds for the hatred. And so all Obama has to do is keep generating "you poor thing" and "you should hate the rich and successful," and arrogantly take credit for knowing these things. He sets the perfect example. After almost 3 years in office, he claims to be a victim of that horrible Bush. What a baby. My God, Obama, grow up.

He's going to egg it along by letting the financial situation deteriorate. He won't cut a thing - something that everyone has to do that is not earning enough income to support their lifestyle. And he's going to do this by taking the money from the citizens. Color has nothing to do with this. He could give a damn about blacks. He's proved that many times. Their jobless rate is higher and their standard of living is sliding the most too. Does he care? Hell know. He wants them to feel like victims. We are all going to be poorer which is going to make the victim position more popular than ever. O is loving it that he's so effective at his work.

He will have no solutions to anything. He's not about solutions. He couldn't decide to vote yes or no in the Illinois Senate over a hundred times. Why? He's not about resolving anything. His specialty is to start strife and then like a net cast to trap fish, he picks out the fish he wants offering them special deals if they go along with him. And, isn't that all he's done? Tell me anything he's touched that has a sense of resolution and peace and goodness about it? It stinks like s---. He hates peace. He hates individuals. These are cardinal for him.

And if you stick with him, the entry ticket is self-hate. In fact you have to hate yourself most of all or you wouldn't spend a minute on that side of the dichotomy. (Don't forget: It's the two faces or the vase. Not both at the same time. Victim or Value Creator. Choose.)

All I can say is that I hope Americans see beyond this ruse. It's all about diversions and mirrors. But if you listen to how he is, it is plain as the nose on your face. It's hard to believe that he is as nasty as he is, but he is. All of these effects and there are still people who want to give him the benefit of the doubt? Jeez!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do You Know the Difference Between Freedom and Slavery?

‘On their way to Susa, they visited Hydarnes, a Persian by birth who was in command of the whole Asiatic seaboard; and by him they were given a hospitable welcome and invited to dinner. During the meal Hydarnes said: ‘Why is it, Lacedaemonians, that you refuse to be friends with the king? You have only to look at me and the position I enjoy to see that he knows how to reward merit. Now Xerxes believes that you, too, are men of merit; and both of you, if only you would submit, might find yourselves in authority over lands in Greece which he would give you.’

‘Hydarnes,’ came the answer, ‘the advice you give us does not spring from a full knowledge of the situation. You know one half of what is involved, but not the other half. You understand well enough what slavery is, but freedom you have never experienced, so you do not know if it tastes sweet or bitter. If you ever did come to experience it, you would advise us to fight for it not with spears only, but with axes too. (Herodotus, Book VII, 135)

I read this here.

My comment: First you have to get that there is a difference and second you have to choose freedom. Most people think this a political thing. The truth is, it is a personal thing, an individual thing, and when you and other people see how valuable it is, you set up the political structure to allow it and protect it.

If you want to experience what freedom is, check out "I Create," a 2-session course on the creative process. Then you will understand why political freedom, liberty, is the social essential for life to thrive.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This is What Evil Looks Like

Take a good look at this look. That is evil incarnate. How do I know? He is unable to create value. No, its worse, much worse than that. He foments divisions among men and hatred in order to destroy value. Obama is a destroyer for no reason except to destroy. This is the essence of evil. His slick facade only fools the fools.

Maybe Oprah can be excused. She's gullible and has supported con men a number of times. But Warren Buffet ought to know better. What has Warren done to bring forth such guilt? Earn a profit? Or maybe, like Oprah, it is the their view of the good that is flawed. Something is unbelievably, wildly off.

It's clear to me that at this point in time, Warren is now laying his body on the pyre which will be lit by Obama's ability to attract destruction to everything he touches. Just as Oprah became beside the point for a lot of people, so will Buffet. It will be interesting to watch this play out.

There are no free lunches nor ways around Justice. The demands of human life will not allow it. Warren will now be treated to a close-up view of the law of cause and effect. Say "Good Night," Warren.

Obama, for his part can only exist so long as the victims of his policies sanction him and his policies. Buffet is "sanction of the victim*" writ large.

Also today, the Black Congressional Caucus threw itself onto the bonfire. In so many words, it admitted that it has one motivating reason to exist: Racism. Not reason, not value, not the well-being of the people it supposedly represents matter to it. It will support Obama because he is black and obediently ride the boat as it goes over the falls. Who would have predicted that a group of black men would endorse a black man to take their people back into the poverty, a state of being rather akin to slavery without the excuse of it.

Socialism, redistribution, taking away property from the creators and owners of value and wealth, is for one and only one purpose: the destruction of the power distributed throughout society so it can be placed in the hands of the few. We are experiencing the Sovietization of America. This is what Obama and his backers are up to. They intend to destroy the United States and turn is into a country of beggars, all beseeching them for another morsel, another minute to exist.

So, let us get that. And let us also understand why what is happening now is possible. It didn't happen overnight. And until we get clear as to what is primarily important and how, in society, those primary values can be allowed to reign, this will not clear up.

The one thing that has to be grasped is that every man is his own moral authority. He cannot change this fact since it comes with his nature. Only he experiences his vitality and can manage his moral energy.

He is the guardian of his own will to live and when some other authority prevents him from exercising what is his by right - the right that his nature demands he exercise - then there is no prosperity - hell, there isn't anything he can count on. There can only be struggle without reward and destruction of value. The usurpation of this power, which is known in the political domain as the violation of individual rights, is how the destruction is caused.

And, because we are no longer jointly engaged in trading with each other to carry out and fulfill our lives and instead commanded by a few for their purposes, we are unable to fulfill our purpose here. It cannot be done.

With destruction, havoc and mayhem rule. And, this is the world of Barack Obama. This the world he's trained to deal in and he's caused this situation everywhere he is. Call it community "organizer" - a euphemism for community disorganizer - community destroyer - human being destroyer.

We may be in a monumental, global revolution from group to individual. I actually think we are. The United States led the way when it empowered the individual with the authority to govern himself. This was done through the idea of individual rights grounded on property rights.

This experiment has been so successful that it has beget man knowing himself differently than in those dark ages of oppression. All kinds of technology which has freed other individuals around the globe has been invented once the dark ages turned to light. Once this power was acknowledged to exist, people operate from it and it determines the way the world works when it comes to human being.

Obama and other anti-leaders are attempting to re-empower the old paradigm - the tribe. The tribe or the collective, which it is also called, comes in many forms - socialism, communism, statism, fascism, welfare statism, oligarchy and monarchy. In every case there is the elite who tell others what to do and the peons who are expected to follow the rules and provide the money. Attempting to affix this old order onto the new order is not working. And Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US are going to have to give up trying to make the old order work. Unless some authoritarian government is willing to cut off communication and destroy human beings by the multi-millions, there is no way it can be imposed. So O and his ideas are has-been ideas. They are dead in the water and have only managed to call out the neanderthals from under the rocks where they had been hiding. Now they are in the open and a truly ugly sight they are.

None of this means that this oh sooo arrogant man isn't dangerous. He's very dangerous.
Here's another example of what evil looks like:

*"Sanction of the victim" is one of the major points Ayn Rand made in Atlas Shrugged.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Is Going to Pull Back the Curtain on the Wizard of Oz?

We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz. The potentate in charge was never seen. He stayed behind the curtain. He probably spoke using a teleprompter.

But one day, the curtain was pulled back and there was this ordinary man. Everything that had propped him up was stripped away.

We have a similar situation with our President. He is the Wizard of Oz and the curtain that no one will pull back is that he is black. That curtain and our fear of messing with it protects him.

Who is going to pull back that curtain and reveal that he is just a man - a man who can be wrong about anything and everything. Who is going to eject him from the comfort of Affirmative Action and ask him to produce real results?

You can bet it won't be a Democrat. They have been using that curtain of Obama's blackness since before he was elected. We've all been called racists when they are the only ones thinking about and using race to get them something they don't deserve. So, have I got this right? The Democrats are such huge cowards that they are willing to let the Democrat Party be destroyed - which it will be? There are many of us who will never vote Democrat again. Not that I have so many years left, but that they will not be able to put together anything credible for a liberty-lover before I expire.

And, I notice that the Republicans are following right in the Democrats' footsteps - as they always have. They've been just as liberal - GW Bush proved that - just slower. So, its going to take even more courage to pull the plug on the Republicans - at least as they have constituted themselves in the past. Their mixed premises will keep them muddled longer.

But guess what. I am not interested in either of these parties, per se. Both are thoroughly Statist which means that they will sacrifice me and any other individual, you, in a nanosecond for someone else's need. And, that is evil in my book. That is exactly what every slave owner in Georgia did before he was stopped.

So Obama is just the front man playing the Wizard of Oz. But there's a lot more Oz that needs to be exposed for what is. We want liberty. Period. We want it just like the people who came to America and formed this United States wanted it. Anything else is Oz.

I think it is funny that the politicians think the Tea Party is a passing fantasy. That's not my experience. The people who sympathize with the Tea Party are not going away. If anything, they are more determined than ever. I'm expecting 2012 to be a huge shock for the politicians of both parties and other establishmentarians - one more time. I don't have long to wait to find out if I'm right.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

JUDGMENT - The Missing Moral Principle

Who is the Ragnar Danneskjold* of our time? Who is calling the destroyers of value to account?

We live in a time of a giant sucking sound. The WEST is flushing itself down the toilet.

Why? It cannot pronounce moral judgment. When I say "it," I mean that the culture is in such a weakened state that a strong pronouncement of moral judgment to true matters up would be shouted down as unseemly. Given this state, the strong pronouncement will have to be yelled through a din of naysayers. Someone will hear it anyway. I promise you, I will hear it if it can be heard.

I dedicate this piece to Bosch Fawstin. He's fearless, especially in his fingering the contradictions and inhumanity of the Muslims, and I love him for that. I really liked his entry into the Twin Towers Goes Global contest. Maybe now they can get why people don't want the Ground Zero Mosque.

Along this line, I've been thinking of all the "brands" that are being diminished because the people who speak for and work to enhance those brands will not pronounce moral judgment against Obama who, highly associated with them, is taking them down with him.

Here's some: Democrats, Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Illinois, Oprah, Unions, Blacks in general, and the USA. (The only one I care about supporting is the USA. The rest will have to earn my respect one man or institution at a time.)

Wouldn't it be something if a leader from Harvard came forward and said that he now sees, with Obama as its currently most famous product, the enormous cost of Affirmative Action? OR wouldn't if be astounding if a black leader came forward and said that it's time for blacks to stop acting like a "pack" that "goes along to get along" and call Obama to account for all of his violations of human freedom, the most precious of conditions for the people who knew and tell the stories of slavery? Wouldn't it be amazing if a Democrat denounced Obama for enacting policies destroying the economy stating that it is time to call him to account regardless that he is black? Or gosh, wouldn't it be something if someone would stand up for America and apologize to "the best within us" for "forgetting who we are," by letting Obama, our President, besmirch the ideal that quickens the beat of the human heart around the globe?

All of us are going to pay dearly for "going along" with Obama - the Con. Every brand associated with Obama will pay. Oprah has never been held as high as she was before she endorsed Obama. (It's interesting about Oprah. People loved her and were always talking about her when her program was geared to all people. Who is she now that Obama favors blacks over whites in instance after instance and she says nothing? Swiss cheese?)

Harvard and Columbia are being drug through the streets insofar as providing a solid education for real values. They are gaining the reputation of being an intellectual hot house that doesn't know what goes on in the real world.

Chicago and Illinois have been corrupt for a long time, but now they have taken on a real and dangerous quality that they didn't have before. Why? Obama thrived there.

America granted grace, which I don't think has been an entirely good thing since freedom is its own reward, to blacks because their ancestors were slaves. That's over. I called the grocery clerk to account where before I would have let her slide.

The thing that is so clearly missing in the public arena of our era is judgment. No one will pronounce it. No one will take action for a proper standard. No one in Congress is making a dent on the corruption that is overtaking our government. It is simply missing.

In the ever-present choice of wings or spine, we've chosen wings.

Where is the spine. It doesn't exist in this soupy, slurpy world of words. Just words - words that mean nothing except to have you think they do. For every statement coming out of Obama's mouth, we have a video or audio clip of him saying the opposite. Insanity reigns. Obama, the Con, spins more words tonight in his Jobs Speech. Words, just words. Except they are costing us not only our treasure, but our moral vitality.

Obama may paint a socialist utopia, but we all know that it shall not happen. Never has, never will. Why would it? No one gives a damn. And, no one does because the government won't allow it. Who can care when you are regulated from morning 'til night and this plague is spreading faster than we can get rid of it?

All will stop when someone with a voice that can be heard pronounces moral judgment - the judgment that gives one's moral vitality a bracing jolt!**

Who among us possesses THE VOICE THAT CAN BE HEARD? That is who we are waiting for.

*Ragnar Danneskjold is a character in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. He was a pirate for justice. He calculated the amount a businessmen deserved from his production and trade, because he earned by trading value for value. Then he would attack ships which the government used to transfer wealth from America to People's States around the globe. (Sound like Obama?) When he got the wealth on board, he took it to a place where it was held in account for the producer of it. It became available to him when he chose to take his power back, go on strike and renounce being a sacrificial lamb.

**Ayn Rand is the only one in my lifetime that has done this. And she did it the hard way. She earned it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Create

A two-session course is being offered on the creative process.

The wording on the flyer is as follows:

To be human is to be a creator.
Learn to tap this power at will.

Creativity is man's most fundamental means of survival. There is nothing more nourishing, more gratifying, more ennobling and more productive than to know what this process is, how it works and then to consciously work it. All the payoffs, among them contentment, joy and material benefit, follow from being conscious of and in control of this process.

I Create is a course that explores and clarifies this process. It is about creativity itself and its purpose is to have you know yourself as a creator. Knowing this places you in your most powerful relationship to the world and your life. Knowing this, you are in the driver's seat of your life.

Your Teacher?
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Session 1: Saturday, Sept 17, 10a.
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You may not know this: By your nature you are destined to create!