Monday, September 19, 2011

This is What Evil Looks Like

Take a good look at this look. That is evil incarnate. How do I know? He is unable to create value. No, its worse, much worse than that. He foments divisions among men and hatred in order to destroy value. Obama is a destroyer for no reason except to destroy. This is the essence of evil. His slick facade only fools the fools.

Maybe Oprah can be excused. She's gullible and has supported con men a number of times. But Warren Buffet ought to know better. What has Warren done to bring forth such guilt? Earn a profit? Or maybe, like Oprah, it is the their view of the good that is flawed. Something is unbelievably, wildly off.

It's clear to me that at this point in time, Warren is now laying his body on the pyre which will be lit by Obama's ability to attract destruction to everything he touches. Just as Oprah became beside the point for a lot of people, so will Buffet. It will be interesting to watch this play out.

There are no free lunches nor ways around Justice. The demands of human life will not allow it. Warren will now be treated to a close-up view of the law of cause and effect. Say "Good Night," Warren.

Obama, for his part can only exist so long as the victims of his policies sanction him and his policies. Buffet is "sanction of the victim*" writ large.

Also today, the Black Congressional Caucus threw itself onto the bonfire. In so many words, it admitted that it has one motivating reason to exist: Racism. Not reason, not value, not the well-being of the people it supposedly represents matter to it. It will support Obama because he is black and obediently ride the boat as it goes over the falls. Who would have predicted that a group of black men would endorse a black man to take their people back into the poverty, a state of being rather akin to slavery without the excuse of it.

Socialism, redistribution, taking away property from the creators and owners of value and wealth, is for one and only one purpose: the destruction of the power distributed throughout society so it can be placed in the hands of the few. We are experiencing the Sovietization of America. This is what Obama and his backers are up to. They intend to destroy the United States and turn is into a country of beggars, all beseeching them for another morsel, another minute to exist.

So, let us get that. And let us also understand why what is happening now is possible. It didn't happen overnight. And until we get clear as to what is primarily important and how, in society, those primary values can be allowed to reign, this will not clear up.

The one thing that has to be grasped is that every man is his own moral authority. He cannot change this fact since it comes with his nature. Only he experiences his vitality and can manage his moral energy.

He is the guardian of his own will to live and when some other authority prevents him from exercising what is his by right - the right that his nature demands he exercise - then there is no prosperity - hell, there isn't anything he can count on. There can only be struggle without reward and destruction of value. The usurpation of this power, which is known in the political domain as the violation of individual rights, is how the destruction is caused.

And, because we are no longer jointly engaged in trading with each other to carry out and fulfill our lives and instead commanded by a few for their purposes, we are unable to fulfill our purpose here. It cannot be done.

With destruction, havoc and mayhem rule. And, this is the world of Barack Obama. This the world he's trained to deal in and he's caused this situation everywhere he is. Call it community "organizer" - a euphemism for community disorganizer - community destroyer - human being destroyer.

We may be in a monumental, global revolution from group to individual. I actually think we are. The United States led the way when it empowered the individual with the authority to govern himself. This was done through the idea of individual rights grounded on property rights.

This experiment has been so successful that it has beget man knowing himself differently than in those dark ages of oppression. All kinds of technology which has freed other individuals around the globe has been invented once the dark ages turned to light. Once this power was acknowledged to exist, people operate from it and it determines the way the world works when it comes to human being.

Obama and other anti-leaders are attempting to re-empower the old paradigm - the tribe. The tribe or the collective, which it is also called, comes in many forms - socialism, communism, statism, fascism, welfare statism, oligarchy and monarchy. In every case there is the elite who tell others what to do and the peons who are expected to follow the rules and provide the money. Attempting to affix this old order onto the new order is not working. And Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US are going to have to give up trying to make the old order work. Unless some authoritarian government is willing to cut off communication and destroy human beings by the multi-millions, there is no way it can be imposed. So O and his ideas are has-been ideas. They are dead in the water and have only managed to call out the neanderthals from under the rocks where they had been hiding. Now they are in the open and a truly ugly sight they are.

None of this means that this oh sooo arrogant man isn't dangerous. He's very dangerous.
Here's another example of what evil looks like:

*"Sanction of the victim" is one of the major points Ayn Rand made in Atlas Shrugged.

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