Friday, March 9, 2012

Racism - The Divisive Issue - Throwback to Apartheid

Barrack Obama wants to destroy the current world - not for a better one - but because he's mad that it got created this way.

Racism is one of the crowbars he's using to pry the world into the fire of social discord to provide the opportunity for social change. When the world is good and hot, provided he can direct the unrest, he will pound it into shape - his way. We know his vision is a one-world, non-capitalist, diminution of American material and intellectual wealth such that the United States is rendered powerless and unable to teach the world to sing*.

We are now seeing the Breitbart Vetting - a series of videos intended to make clear who Obama is and what another four years of him will mean for all of us. The first one shows Obama hugging Professor Derrick Bell, an avowed racist who gets his kicks from harassing white people.

In the video below, we start seeing the unpacking of the significance of Obama's hug and continued relationship with Professor Bell up through his death in 2010. The CNN commentators can only act like nothing of import exists and then talk in racial terms indicating that skin color is the primary concern for human beings. They have no facility with ideas - their truth and meaning. Ideas and the mind have to be inserted into the conversation by the liberty-oriented commentators. Automatically the CNN commentators assume the group is the primary concern of human life and their concern is whether someone is fitting into or offending the group. This collectivism justifies the worst of political systems - socialism and even totalitarianism. I love the way the Breitbart spokesman so clearly and evenly articulates the issue.

*The song American teaches the world to sing is that every individual in America possesses individual rights which leave him free to sing his song to the world. This song has only been sung in America and it is revered by every human being around the globe that desires only to be free to sing his song.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andrew Breitbart