Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do You Know the Difference Between Freedom and Slavery?

‘On their way to Susa, they visited Hydarnes, a Persian by birth who was in command of the whole Asiatic seaboard; and by him they were given a hospitable welcome and invited to dinner. During the meal Hydarnes said: ‘Why is it, Lacedaemonians, that you refuse to be friends with the king? You have only to look at me and the position I enjoy to see that he knows how to reward merit. Now Xerxes believes that you, too, are men of merit; and both of you, if only you would submit, might find yourselves in authority over lands in Greece which he would give you.’

‘Hydarnes,’ came the answer, ‘the advice you give us does not spring from a full knowledge of the situation. You know one half of what is involved, but not the other half. You understand well enough what slavery is, but freedom you have never experienced, so you do not know if it tastes sweet or bitter. If you ever did come to experience it, you would advise us to fight for it not with spears only, but with axes too. (Herodotus, Book VII, 135)

I read this here.

My comment: First you have to get that there is a difference and second you have to choose freedom. Most people think this a political thing. The truth is, it is a personal thing, an individual thing, and when you and other people see how valuable it is, you set up the political structure to allow it and protect it.

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