Monday, September 26, 2011

The Campaign of Hate

Already it has begun. The only way you can place your name under the Democrat banner this coming year is if you hate the rich, hate the Republicans, hate the Tea Party, hate the anti-Obamacare-ites, hate the Constitutionalists, hate, hate, hate.

Obama gets this honestly. He sat in that hatred-spewing Reverend Wright's church for 20 years - and Reverend Wright is a master of hate. No one can make his voice sound like without being filled with hate. And of course, O made friends with self-styled, hate-filled terrorist, Bill Ayers, who is snide as he can be as he still generates discord.

The Community Organizer business runs on hate. Alinsky runs on hate. That is all Obama and his cronies know - hate, hate, hate - tear down; destroy; burn, baby, burn.

Why? There are only two positions of being available and they are mutually exclusive: Creating Value or Victim. When one is a victim, he's not creating value and when he's creating value, he's not a victim.

The thing that is basic to the American idea is that people are free to create value. In fact their individual rights including their property are protected so they can do that. And because they are, they do. And because they do, many are successful.

The liberal Left position is in an unworkable situation. They are forever the victim. America was built on the enslavement of the black man, they say, and no matter that we fought a war over that and he was set free, he is still and will forever be a victim of that. Now that belief is pure bunkum. In fact there were slaves who weren't victims when they were slaves. But some black parasites making a living out of stoking the victim position. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Lewis, the Congressional Black Caucus, and Obama, to name a few. All of these people are despicable people. They deserve to roast in a hell sparked by their own tongues.

One never grows out of being a victim. One transforms from victim to creator and can do it at any moment, any time, any day. It happens in the twinkling of an eye and is completely up to the individual - and it is an individual phenomenon. Tribes never make the transformation. They use being victim to glue the tribe together. It's like the picture that is either a vase or two faces, but not both at the same time.

This stuff is totally predictable. Every would-be dictator, which I think Obama considers himself to be, must generate folks being victims because it provides the grounds for the hatred. And so all Obama has to do is keep generating "you poor thing" and "you should hate the rich and successful," and arrogantly take credit for knowing these things. He sets the perfect example. After almost 3 years in office, he claims to be a victim of that horrible Bush. What a baby. My God, Obama, grow up.

He's going to egg it along by letting the financial situation deteriorate. He won't cut a thing - something that everyone has to do that is not earning enough income to support their lifestyle. And he's going to do this by taking the money from the citizens. Color has nothing to do with this. He could give a damn about blacks. He's proved that many times. Their jobless rate is higher and their standard of living is sliding the most too. Does he care? Hell know. He wants them to feel like victims. We are all going to be poorer which is going to make the victim position more popular than ever. O is loving it that he's so effective at his work.

He will have no solutions to anything. He's not about solutions. He couldn't decide to vote yes or no in the Illinois Senate over a hundred times. Why? He's not about resolving anything. His specialty is to start strife and then like a net cast to trap fish, he picks out the fish he wants offering them special deals if they go along with him. And, isn't that all he's done? Tell me anything he's touched that has a sense of resolution and peace and goodness about it? It stinks like s---. He hates peace. He hates individuals. These are cardinal for him.

And if you stick with him, the entry ticket is self-hate. In fact you have to hate yourself most of all or you wouldn't spend a minute on that side of the dichotomy. (Don't forget: It's the two faces or the vase. Not both at the same time. Victim or Value Creator. Choose.)

All I can say is that I hope Americans see beyond this ruse. It's all about diversions and mirrors. But if you listen to how he is, it is plain as the nose on your face. It's hard to believe that he is as nasty as he is, but he is. All of these effects and there are still people who want to give him the benefit of the doubt? Jeez!

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