Monday, September 5, 2011

I Create

A two-session course is being offered on the creative process.

The wording on the flyer is as follows:

To be human is to be a creator.
Learn to tap this power at will.

Creativity is man's most fundamental means of survival. There is nothing more nourishing, more gratifying, more ennobling and more productive than to know what this process is, how it works and then to consciously work it. All the payoffs, among them contentment, joy and material benefit, follow from being conscious of and in control of this process.

I Create is a course that explores and clarifies this process. It is about creativity itself and its purpose is to have you know yourself as a creator. Knowing this places you in your most powerful relationship to the world and your life. Knowing this, you are in the driver's seat of your life.

Your Teacher?
BUTTERBAUGH - architect, painter, philosopher.

Session 1: Saturday, Sept 17, 10a.
Session 2: Sunday, Sept 25, 10a.
(in Atlanta, Georgia)

To Register or for more INFO call 404-522-2255. For the full description, go HERE.

You may not know this: By your nature you are destined to create!

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