Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Wonder Whose Side These People are On?

Maxine Waters told the Tea Party they can go straight to hell. The Tea Party's main focus is to get Federal spending under control lest it destroy our wealth and liberty. Who are the people of the Tea Party? They are the taxpayers - those ordinary people who work and pay for Maxine's programs and benefits. So we have here a thoughtless, impudent woman chastising the people upon which, in a fundamental sense, she depends. For damn sure, the dependent people are not going to be funding her programs.

Today I read that the National Black Caucus has declared war on the Tea Party. Why? The Tea Party is the only group of people that are fighting for a man's liberty. And, without liberty, a society is hardly worth living in. Ask an ordinary Chinese , Russian, Venezuelan or Cuban how easy it is to look ahead to a bright future. Liberty is the condition providing openness, benevolence and possibility among men. Anti-liberty provides fear, stinginess and a numbing feeling of being trapped in a condition where everyone is going through the same motions day after day just to stay in the same place. I've got to survive is the mantra. In these societies it is unwise to be open to one's neighbor.

It amazes me that the National Black Caucus is so supportive of the social quality of a slave society. They champion entitlement - the condition of their masters on the southern plantation. Isn't it obvious that this principle is unworkable? Can they not be counted on to grasp that they are working like hell to institute the very thing they have wanted so desperately to escape? Are they not clear that their mindset is still that of the slave/master flip/flop?

A free society runs on individual rights and free trade. And, the people who get ahead are those who move out into the society and trade with other people. Who are the leaders of the African-American community that they want to make it harder for people to get ahead? Yet, that is exactly what they are doing. They use every opportunity to chastise their neighbors never thinking that their future may depend on those very neighbors.

This way of interacting with people is ancient and tribal and ignorant. If it continues, it will not lead to anything good. President Obama doesn't have to be a great leader. If he were merely a good leader, he would use his position to speak against this craziness. But alas, he doesn't - and thereby has it growing like weeds in what could be a beautiful garden.


Principlex said...

This vicious attack on the Tea Party is the worst kind of political divisiveness. If this gets as serious as it could and has in other countries - such as the Soviet Union's attack of the Kulaks and Mao's attack on the China's intellectuals, then I lay the devastation that this will cause the country directly on the Democrats doorstep as nothing other than pure hatred for the purpose of gaining power for an unadulterated evil. They certainly won't be able to say they did it for the good of society. May they rot in hell, never to be redeemed.


Robert said...

Andre Carson inherited a gerrymandered district from his mother who preceeded him in the position. There is little chance that he will ever be defeated and those of us who live in his district and disagree with his positions are having our votes disqualified every year. Mr. Carson always votes Democratic Pary line and seldom takes a position that is not a word-for-word repetition of what other Democrats say.

Principlex said...

Shelby Steele writes this today, September 1, in the Wall Street Journal: Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism.


Shelby Steele, an African American born to a black, truck-driver father and a white, social-worker mother puts his finger on the matter of the betrayal of black leaders of their own people. They jump on the do-gooder bandwagon. This from Wikipedia:

[Steele] opposes movements such as affirmative action, which he considers to be unsuccessful liberal campaigns to promote equal opportunity for African Americans. He contends that blacks have been "twice betrayed": first, by slavery and oppression and, second, by group preferences mandated by the government that discourage self-agency and personal responsibility in blacks.

“The great ingenuity of interventions like affirmative action has not been that they give Americans a way to identify with the struggle of blacks, but that they give them a way to identify with racial virtuousness quite apart from blacks.”

Steele believes that the use of victimization is the greatest hindrance for black Americans. In his view, white Americans see blacks as victims to ease their guilty conscience, while blacks attempt to turn their status as victims into a kind of currency with no puro vendido purchasing power. Therefore, he claims, blacks must stop "buying into this zero-sum game" by adopting a "culture of excellence and achievement" without relying on "set-asides and entitlements."


I agree and I encourage that. You can go to www.heldhightorch.com for my way of doing that. There is a link in the sidebar of this site for getting there.