Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Is Going to Pull Back the Curtain on the Wizard of Oz?

We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz. The potentate in charge was never seen. He stayed behind the curtain. He probably spoke using a teleprompter.

But one day, the curtain was pulled back and there was this ordinary man. Everything that had propped him up was stripped away.

We have a similar situation with our President. He is the Wizard of Oz and the curtain that no one will pull back is that he is black. That curtain and our fear of messing with it protects him.

Who is going to pull back that curtain and reveal that he is just a man - a man who can be wrong about anything and everything. Who is going to eject him from the comfort of Affirmative Action and ask him to produce real results?

You can bet it won't be a Democrat. They have been using that curtain of Obama's blackness since before he was elected. We've all been called racists when they are the only ones thinking about and using race to get them something they don't deserve. So, have I got this right? The Democrats are such huge cowards that they are willing to let the Democrat Party be destroyed - which it will be? There are many of us who will never vote Democrat again. Not that I have so many years left, but that they will not be able to put together anything credible for a liberty-lover before I expire.

And, I notice that the Republicans are following right in the Democrats' footsteps - as they always have. They've been just as liberal - GW Bush proved that - just slower. So, its going to take even more courage to pull the plug on the Republicans - at least as they have constituted themselves in the past. Their mixed premises will keep them muddled longer.

But guess what. I am not interested in either of these parties, per se. Both are thoroughly Statist which means that they will sacrifice me and any other individual, you, in a nanosecond for someone else's need. And, that is evil in my book. That is exactly what every slave owner in Georgia did before he was stopped.

So Obama is just the front man playing the Wizard of Oz. But there's a lot more Oz that needs to be exposed for what is. We want liberty. Period. We want it just like the people who came to America and formed this United States wanted it. Anything else is Oz.

I think it is funny that the politicians think the Tea Party is a passing fantasy. That's not my experience. The people who sympathize with the Tea Party are not going away. If anything, they are more determined than ever. I'm expecting 2012 to be a huge shock for the politicians of both parties and other establishmentarians - one more time. I don't have long to wait to find out if I'm right.

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