Wednesday, March 17, 2010


America: The only country that ever gave a man a chance to be his own somebody.

What happened? People took her up on the offer, made something of themselves and created the greatest, most prosperous, most generous society ever known to man.

Then along came Barack Obama. He said, "This society sucks. How do I know? Look at this person who is suffering. A man or a society is worthy not by its achievements but by what it has not achieved, not what they made of themselves but by what they failed to make of themselves. Therefore, turn America upside down. Enslave the prosperous to the poor, the clean to the unclean, the achievers to the slackers, the proud to the poor in spirit. I will be The One to offer hope to the downtrodden, the moochers and the looters, and forcibly transform all agreements among men into my orders."

What did America do? Being achievers, she turned herself into a zero overnight. She never learned the next lesson: How to grow and prosper through and beyond a flood of abundance.

What did Obama do? He died an old man, rocking on a front porch, still smoking cigarettes and drinking too much. He had carried out his life purpose, a small-minded purpose which was all he was capable of: Deliver the hotshots to hell, ruin the possibility that America ever was, and end Hope forever. He couldn't help being proud and, oh yes, righteous.

(Image from Drudge Report, 3-16-10)

Oh yah, forgot. His daughters disowned him even though he had been famous. They got tired of being judged by what they weren't rather than what they were.



What America has not yet grasped is that it is in the presence of a coup d'etat. The conversations, horrendous corruption and ways of being of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the hangers on are unprecedented in our national political discourse. The US Government is now constituting itself as the enemy of the people rather than the protector of their rights.

Is there anyone who would go to the government and expect them to protect you in your rights? Right to your property? Right to your life even - once Government Health Care is instituted? No.

Obama has taught us that the only way to go to the government is with a sob story - and it doesn't even have to be true!

Robert said...

What Obama is doing is practicing the policy of the "Big Lie"; saying something (the insurance companies are evil) over and over until people believe it. But, for some reason, the people are not believing it and they see Obama for what he is, a liar. Remember the stimulus bill? Where are the jobs?


Obama has been lying for a long, long time. He was raised to be a sleazy operator. Everything in his past points to that and I don't find any exception to that.

In this day and age, the Postmodern philosophy has turned creating the big lie as the way life really is.