Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Slavehood!

If Health Care is a right, then slavery is a right.

"Step right up! All able-bodied workers are here-by conscripted into perpetuity.

"Thanks men, especially the doctors. Of course we don't want to forget all you worker bees out there too. You will shoulder the brunt of the costs. America thanks you. Slaves are good and I, BO, am kind."


Wait! There may be some problems. Not everyone wants to fall into line.

Andrew Bernstein writes on Facebook today: "If the government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me. I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on my website, on Facebook, to my students, in my lectures, and on the radio. I will fight this in the courts--or will the DC Fascists suspend the right to trial by jury? I suspect--and hope--that millions of Americans will do the same."


News Flash: Washington says they did not want to have to get into the tough stuff, but it looks like the first wave of prisoners will be sent to the first prison in the American Gulag. No name on which one of the 22 designated sites will be selected.

News Flash: 40% of America's doctors walked off the job. "Screw this. No future, no work. Bye."

News Flash: Patients can't get served as the long lines were more than they could bear with a toothache. They went home and pulled their own teeth and had two shots of whiskey.

New Flash: Liberals crumpling. They thought passing Government Health Care would assuage their consciences since the program would forever ensure the good, and by implication their goodness. Now they are seeing their own parents and children hauled off to prison. "What happened? You can't blame me. I am good. I AM, I tell you."

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