Friday, March 12, 2010

Socialism is a Suckle Machine

Ever notice how socialism requires victims? It requires them from two sides. It always portrays some people as victims and the signifier of this mentality is a dependency of one form or another. Someone else or some circumstance is the reason that things just aren't working out. This side of socialism's requirement of victims become the justification for action. "Poor baby, we must fix things for you."

And then it requires real victims which are worthy of looting for their material wealth. Currently insurance companies are being turned into victims. It's been bankers, Wall Street types, anyone with wealth.

So Socialism encourages people to suckle from the government and be dependent on the government and it, in turn, must find people from which to suckle in order to have the resources to keep the sucklers happy. It is a suckle machine. All so "babified." Eeeeww!

There is no maturity in this system. There is no adulthood. There are only immature people who do not operate by means of reason and agreement and allow their "nurturing" aspect to take over everything. This is nurturing run wild - turned into a crime against humanity.

This is so ugly. Why don't people see this? Let me guess. They have an investment in the suckle mentality - one side or the other - providing the suckling or finding the milk of production that can be high-jacked and looted for their purposes.

What is the way out of this mess? Have a purpose of your own. Be intellectually independent and follow your own conclusions.


Robert said...

It is called self-reliance. Ween yourself off of mother. You could join the Tea Parties too.


I received this comment from M. Smith who couldn't get his name and password to work.

"This description of our current cultural trend is as succinct and cogent as any I have read. This should be on the dust cover of Atlas Shrugged."