Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Incredibly Evil Democrats

Today I saw a video clip where Harry Reid made a speech reminding people that this Health Care bill is not about all our concerns. Rather, it is about the greatest sob story that one can parade before the American public.

I consider this Administration and Congress the epitome of evil. Never have I seen such a callous use of people's infirmities and hardships as a means to induce people to set aside reason and vote for a government-forced, wretched Health Care system. Obama and the Democrats are willing to raise the needy's hopes to astromonical levels that will never be achieved in the form of any kind of care that the cold and callous government would ever provide. Socialism simply has never been able to produce such a thing. There is such a disconnect between the politicians appeal to heart and their own heartlessness that frankly I cannot stomach it. The government is known not for its successes nor caring but for its failures and its ice cold hand.

Capitalism is the only systems that has people care. Socialism - Obama's system - could give a shit.

And besides this, while Reid, Obama, Michelle, Pelosi or whoever is trotting out one of their staged "needies", they are icing over all those who will have to pay for and are adversely affected by this plan. There will be millions of stories on the other side of this bill, should it pass, of the hardships that it causes. That is for certain as all of the other countries who have such a system know full well. (Are you aware that in Norway, unless you have friends or relatives who bring food to you in the hospital, you go hungry? Yes, sir.)

And believe me, the money is not going to come from the rich. Only the envy-ridden would want to believe that and thus advance that reason. As this country piles hate upon the rich, they will simply take their riches elsewhere. They may not want to, but they will anyway. They know they cannot rely on the US Government to protect their rights - since it isn't committed to protecting anyone's rights. Those left will be footing the bill. Hello! (The other phenomenon which no one will address is that people will come to hate the "needies" even more. There is nothing more disgusting than the chip-on-the-shoulder "entitled.")

But of all the things that is so galling and has been so hard to accept is that we see that there are people who actually believe that if the government uses its force to compel people to participate in a government health care system and pay for other people, that is a moral act. They say that it is the right and good thing to do.

How wrong they. Rather than a humane society that gives everyone a chance to pursue his purposes and live his life to the fullest he can imagine and wants. it straps most people down to the lowest common denominator. Since it is held in place by government force, the opportunity to be moral is reduced to insignificant choices. Consequently, and as the record shows, societies shrink in their capacities. They become like organs kept alive by suspending them in saline. They may be alive at some minimal level, but they are not really alive. (If you care to check this out, google the inventions that have come from the socialist countries. They are mostly few and insignificant and that phenomenon occurs after socialism became a basis for their society.)

A humane society is one that protects one's right to make choices. Choosing engenders responsibility for one's choices. Being responsible is the essence of maturity and wisdom. And all of that depends on the reality of property and the right to own it, use it and exchange it. This system is called capitalism. It is the only humane and moral political system yet known. Although America is the home of that system, it really is the system of the future. We have been drifting backward into the dark ages for over a hundred years. But now we are beginning to see this and many of us have had enough. And, contrary to the Left's constant railings, it is not evil. It is in fact, the only system that allows and fosters the good.


Robert said...

The fallacy in this whole scheme is that, in reality, the poor don't stay poor. Many ACORN people of 10 years ago are no longer poor because those that worked got job experience and moved out of poverty. So in order to expand the ranks of the poor, Obama is raising the income standards in order to "call" more people poor. Also, a great many of today's poor, are yesterday's middle class, people made poor by Obama's policies. Do you think they want to get government benefits? I doubt it. Obama wants their gratitude but they know better.

EllenL said...

Even if their motives were innocent and benevolent, the results would be the same. I agree they are after power but that is of less import than the fact they think this kind of stuff works and that they have no respect for any facts even those of how the Congress operates. And worse there are enough people who agree with them to make them possible.


The Democrats are playing the violin telling us that 70 people a day die because they do not have health care.

What they are not saying is that number will increase by the time the US undergoes the diminution of healthcare that will necessarily follow from a public system. Don't forget, the British pull their own teeth without anesthetic and the Norwegians go without food when in the hospital unless a relative or friend provides it. Canadians die waiting in line to get a necessary test. All public systems have to choose who gets the health care and who doesn't. All of those deaths would be on their hands. Yup, public health care is REAL good.

These goddammed sanctimonious Democrats/liberals are totally full of shit and need to be called out as such - pond scum!!!


Here's an article that gives you an idea of the level of depravity of our current leaders.

They speak in idealistic terms that have nothing to do with causing people to grasp the nature of reality and what they need to do to live in it. If the bottom line of evil, the cause of all that goes wrong, is "being in your head unrelated to reality" or in other words, "making shit up," then Pelosi wants to set up the conditions that foster that. Pelosi advocates it as the good.

Being insane is just as good, maybe better, in Pelosi's world, as being sane. Can we not say that there is a giant disconnect, errrr something insane, when it comes to this woman's mind? Jeez.

Politically, the evil is that they will force at the point of a gun the good people who do produce what life needs to support Pelosi's artistic idiots.