Friday, August 2, 2013

Seattle City Government Embraces Maoism

Mao began the idea of politically correct speaking. Seattle is the latest proponent and is throwing their lot in with the communists - you know, those people who murdered millions of "citizens" (oops, that's one of the bad words in Seattle).  There can be no liberty if one cannot freely speak.  Just because some person may find a phrase offensive is not a reason to annihilate free speech.  Seattle ought to be very, very ashamed.  There is NOTHING admirable about making the word "citizen" and "brown bag" off limits in Seattle.  What a bunch of idiots.

The two words/phrases were stricken from the vocabulary by fiat in order to protect some people's feelings.  When law is made for non-objective feelings rather than for objective damage, it will get carried out by feelings.  Just remember, Seattle, lynch mobs happen because of feelings.  That's exactly the kind of governance, in principle, that Seattle is an example for.  Whoa!  Wake up!

You can get the flavor of Communist China under this kind of law in Confessions:  An Innocent Life in Communist China by Kang Zhengguo.

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