Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At the Bottom There is But One Kind of Greed

Pelosi is dissembling so fast that she is almost making stuff up before it happens. (Pic above is she following the demise of the bailout bill.) She blamed this whole crisis on the Bush Administration (I blame the Bush Adminisitration for plenty in how they have handled the problem after it manifested itself too) while we watch the King Buffoons of Frank and Dodd play "cover my ass" with any new bill they could approve. (pic above is Frank and Dodd "'splaining" the bill.) Rove mentions below that he heard first hand the plan to pin this debacle on the Republicans. If that was the plan, it can get hard to keep the future and the past separate.

But along side the Fannie & Freddie problem is another one: ACORN. Now this is one hell of a story. ACORN is a criminal voter registration organization. State after state finds fraud after fraud sourced by ACORN's voter registration drives. And guess who "luuuvs" ACORN: O-BAM-A. He loves ACORN so much that he trained those community organizers how to go into a community, sweet talk them for a while until they find the right grievance and then rub that damn grievance in their faces until they are raw with rage.

That's the plan. By that time they are so solidified in their hatred of someone or some institution they feel they must vote for the Savior who will deliver them from this righteous, erroneous evil. And that is how Obama gets the votes.

On the other hand, dear Obama is sweetness and light and affability. He always seeks to calm the waters in public. Now he is creating his children's choir core to win your heart. At least Hitler had the decency to teach the kids songs about their country.

The only problem is that he violates your rights in order to do it. Obama is a crook. A very big crook by my standard of individual rights and justice based on those rights. He has the government force you to pay tax so that he can grow his voter registration machine. (Go here to register on Obama's website. Tell me, do you think this is a secure means of valid, truthful voter registration?) Never mind that you wouldn't advocate nor vote for that in a zillion years, you have to pay up anyway. This is how crooks work. They don't give you a choice. Your First Amendment rights are passe.

The advocacy of "helping the poor and powerless" is so lame that it is laughable. (Obama has left the poor and powerless in worse condition by his actions in every single project he has touched and acted on.) By our values and our ethics those who seek power over us have us by the balls. We have to let that ethic go, as a primary value, and fight for freedom more fundamentally - the right of every man to his life and the freedom to use his mind, his basic means of survival, to live it. Men will help their neighbors as they can. It is our history.

The Democrats (and McCain and Bush) are charging Wall Street's GREED as the cause of this mess. You and I know that whatever opportunity the Wall Street guys saw in the law that said they had to write sub-prime mortgages, could bundle them and sell them as securities, it originated in Washington. Without the laws and the government paying if something happened, thereby reducing the risk to zero, there never could have been this boom and now bust.

I am not saying that the "businessmen" who profited by the Government's laws are good men. Obviously their values are false when they seek money at the expense of their customers. But still, were it not for Dodd, Frank, Obama and his ACORN, and all the other hangers-on and profiteers - be it through business or campaign contributions this could not have happened. Without these politicians and their law, there would have been no cause for this effect.

Therefore, the people who have pushed people out of their homes, caused the collapse of investments that people were counting on for retirement and their kid's college educations and untold damage far greater than any "li'l ole Enron," are in Halls of Congress in Washington DC. They parade their crooked smiles and crooked asses around like they know exactly what we should do and how they are going to lead us out of this mess. There is nothing in the world that could make me believe that this is about anything beyond a little personal redemption or a big "cover my ass." In the meantime, the jackassery continues unabaited - as it must. (By the way, if I find a better explanation for the vast array of facts surrounding Obama and ACORN and the politicians who sourced this that has many people wonder what is going on, I promise you I will publish it here.)

It must continue because so far there is not one leader in that Congress that is big enough to see that they have a major credibility problem. No calls for investigation. No plans for taking responsibility. They think if they get a bill out of Congress "fixing" the financial crisis, that will be it. Integrity is never mentioned. Of course they have no idea what they are doing. Whatever it turns out to be is at best bailing wire on a jaloppy. They cannot fix it. Government planning of the economy can NEVER and WILL NEVER fix the economy. They can only VIOLATE the economy which, at root, is men being rational in offering and pursuing their values.

And, the reason this is not going to get resolved is because the entire Obama presidential possibility requires that the Democrats not be responsible for this mess. They dare not because if they were exposed, the real story would be over and so would Obama - forever. The only crook left on the grand stage would be that wooden one shepherds use pulling Obama off the stage.

The stakes are too big. After all Obama is the candidate that represents the radical Alinsky Left's moment in the sun - that moment when it finally takes down America and replaces it with a totalitarian socialist state. His name for it is SERVICE to the community or the state. That, is, after all, the plan. See here. ACORN provides the foot soldiers. Later that will be ballooned into the required Domestic Security Organization to provide for domestic tranquility. Maybe a better word is obedience.

There is but one kind of GREED at the bottom of this "bloodless" coup, which is exactly what it is: The GREED for Power and the LUST to deliver America, the beacon of individual rights and freedom for the whole world, to the dustbin of failed socialist states. This coup won't remain bloodless for long for this GREED will not hesitate to walk over corpses to achieve its aim. History instructs.

Here is a video of Karl Rove, that Republican, along with Bush, upon whom the Alinsky Left has focused its hatred, wondering what the hell is going on.

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