Monday, September 29, 2008

The Obama and ACORN Strategy

This article at American Thinker is a must read to understand the strategy behind Obama. It really explains a lot. Now I can see why Obama went to Germany to appear international and why he created his own "Presidential" seal and all of it. It is a purposeful effort to break down American institutions and create a totalitarian socialist state. Don't take my word for it. I've put a lot of Obama history in this blog and this article shows even more than I have been able to learn.

I now think Obama is the bloodless coup. But it won't be bloodless for long.

I have a family member who lost $25,000 bond overnight when Lehman's collapsed. There are millions of hard-working people who are losing their life savings and retirement savings because of the dastardly deeds of the likes of Dodd, Frank, Obama and Raines. These bastards need to be put behind bars. Otherwise, we are going down if this kind of corruption and criminality is allowed to go free and run the country. This entire mess is primarily Democrat-constructed and Democrat-maintained.


R. Jewel Forbes said...

It is now being discovered by any of us of this HUGE organization ACORN and their demoncrat ties and the strategy they have. Thi strategy is all about disruption in our basic government operations. They want to stop us from operating as a capitalistic
free enterprise system and begin the socialism agenda long sought after by the left.

See my blog as well about this Organization and the following of the Cloward-Bivens Strategies.

Keep up the attention on this good sir!

robert574 said...

Steve, it is obvious that McCain doesn't get it and he thinks Obama is a good family man and a person we can trust as President. I find that ludicrous and even the people who want to vote for him are angry at McCain for saying it. With the financial crisis getting worse, many people are mad and they are inquiring about how it was caused. They want to vote out anyone who was responsible and it is clear that is Obama and the Democrats. But the media refuses to tell them. Except for Fox News. Yesterday, Julie Banderas on Fox News read an email I sent about the McCain commercials that question Obama's judgment and character:

"Define your terms...a negative ad is a lie or unfounded smear...if you tell the truth, distinguish yourself from the candidate or provide evidence for issues of experience or character, that is not a negative ad. Stop calling ads that tell the truth "negative."

An Obama representative was asked to comment and she proceeded to ignore the point. This sort of changing the subject and evading the issues must make voters question just what we are getting with Obama. I agree, in order to succeed in winning the election, Obama must bring the nation down and in order to create a long-lived dictatorship, he must destroy capitalism. I find it strange that I am even thinking these thoughts. I never thought it was possible that I would see our nation take this turn without even knowing it.