Sunday, September 21, 2008

When is the US Government Going To Take Repsonsibility?

The US Government has nationalized AIG and the debt of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This amounts to the nationalization of the financial sector of our economy.

And - We are dismayed, despairing and angry. All that is talked about is the taxpayer covering everything. With a stroke of the pen, each of us were enslaved more. Because of the government we all work harder to get ahead or we suffer a loss in our standard of living. Why aren't those "criminals" and the Congressmen who fostered this in jail and destitute? They did far, far more damage than Enron ever did. Thank's Uncle Sam, you bastard!

What we need is Justice. And one thing we can count on is that we will never get it from the US Government.

The US Government is choking on paper. Debt. Where is its responsibility in the matter? Why aren't we hearing plans to sell off vast tracks of the land it lays claim too? Why aren't we hearing plans to sell off g-zillions of its assets to pay what it has committed itself to?

This is what a normal person has to do if income slows or stops and he comes up short. He has to generate it some way. But not the US Government. Oh no, no, no! It passes a law which means one thing: Get out the gun, point it at the heads of the taxpayers and tell them they got to pay up. Why? "We have to have it. It's an emergency."

This is worse than disgusting. Now we have a criminal at every single US citizen's door. The government is the primary initiator of force in this country, bar none. All criminals are petty by comparison.

The only agreement you and I have with the government is that they guarantee my and your right to life, my and your liberty, my and your property and my and your right to live for our own happiness. Inside that everything gets taken care of.

So the agreement is broken. And it was the US Government that broke it. And don't tell me that people don't get it. They do. Many know exactly what is going on and there is not a single person in the Government with a voice that can be trusted. This is how bad it is.

So what do I do if a client breaks an agreement? I stop work. There has to be a new agreement between the two of us otherwise it is over forever.

Isn't it now obvious that there is nothing that the government touches that it doesn't wreck? Why? Force. It forced Fannie and Freddie to loan to people who couldn't afford it. They lowered their underwriting standards to do it. I bet you would like your mechanic to lower his standards when fixing your car. Or the airline mechanic to lower his standards. Or your surgeon to lower his standards. What kind of insanity is this?

And now McCain and Obama are calling for more oversight? Give me a break! Oversight from the government when it comes to business is the worst affliction any honest businessman can have happen. Don't believe for a second it is worth a tinker's damn. It isn't. If you have any standards based on knowledge and truth, you have to get out of business otherwise you become one of them. You become their apologist. "I'm sorry, I had to do it because the government requires me to." Oversight has as much relevance as Marie Antoinette's prouncement, "Let the eat cake." With a flick of the wrist, "Let them have oversight and stricter regulation."

The best you can get if you become successful is being branded "greedy." That's the government's and their apologists' payment. Nice huh? If you fall for this tripe, you deserve it.

Now what? Who knows. I guess it is every man for himself. And it won't change until the government lives by the same laws of human nature that govern all of us and puts down that goddammed gun except to catch or hold a person who has initiated force.

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Rob Diego said...

This scandal is a failure of socialism, not capitalism. The communists in Soviet Russia failed because they put "social justice" first and this destroyed the market's ability to adjust to government created dislocations in the market. The managers of the Soviet factories were government employees doing the government's bidding. This system was ripe with bribery and corruption. The government owned the businesses and because of this, none of those businesses had a way of knowing how to meet the demands of the consumers. They only had to meet the demands of the government. Isn't that exactly what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did? Weren't these government-run organizations? Didn't they use pull and influence with government officials to loosen up lending standards? Didn't they cause private financial institutions to lose money because of those loose standards?

That can only be a failure of socialism.