Saturday, September 27, 2008

Democrat Rebuff of Fannie & Freddie Clean-up

This video speaks for itself. Caught red-handed!

And I'm supposed to think the Democrat Party is the best Party (maybe that should be a small "p") for the economy?

In the bailout bill being hammered out and festooned with earmarks right now, a huge grant of any profit (20%) is scheduled to go to ACORN, supposedly a low-end housing organization. What it really is a voter registration organization and its purpose it to register Democrats. It has been charged with illegal activities in a number of states. This is more corruption - pure and simple. Definitely it is an infringement of your right to free speech. Tax money extracted from you by force and given to an organization that may not express your views is a whopping injustice. By what Right? This is "Taxation without Representation!!"

!! N O P A S S !! N O P A S S !!

The CRISIS IN CONFIDENCE in the US Government worsens!

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Rob Diego said...

Steve, ACORN, no doubt helped poor people to get houses who could not afford to pay them. They actively lobbied for bad loan practices for many years. Which means this organization was part of the scheme. The reason it is getting money under this bill is probably to cover the tracks of the crooks involved. It may even hold some of these bad loans. I think they should investigate ACORN on this issue. Check out these links and you'll see the purpose of ACORN and its involvement in the mortgage business:

Obama must have attacked Countrywide on behalf of ACORN who was protesting and negotiating with Countrywide (shaking them down?). Yet, Countrywide was praised by Fannie Mae as having an enlightened attitude toward minorities. Why, then, was Obama attacking them? Was Obama complaining about Countrywide for issuing bad loans or for not issuing bad loans? It seems they were issuing bad loans. Check this article from February and it will tell you the story:

I think this scheme has many more crooks seeking to benefit from it...namely ACORN and its Democrat leaders. In fact, ACORN is a chief player in this scandal and the Democrats are trying to cover their tracks by giving them this money. I think the Democrats may want to save ACORN to keep the scandal from growing to include more of the crooks involved. Follow the money. The ultimate crook, and what they are probably desparate to cover up is Obama's involvement...since that involvement would cause him the Presidency. My conjecture is that this is why Obama is asking that these people (poor people who bought homes) should be protected, his demand #3 regarding the bill being discussed in Congress this weekend (9/27/08). He's trying to keep all the facts from being known.

Remember, Obama was a chief "trainer" for ACORN, one of their key leaders. So much for "noble causes."