Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Crisis of Confidence

The great crisis is not the financial crisis although that is bad enough. It is The Crisis of Confidence in the US Government.

The two men in Congress who were the big players in the horrendous con game of Fannie and Freddie and who are as upside down as all hell when it comes to these two institutions are Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. Every news program clip I see, these two are still speaking and talking as if they are the authorities on this new "bailout" bill. They are not. All we know is that they are the authorities on how to make sure their ass is covered.

Every time one of them says anything, the confidence meter goes lower and lower. Since apparently the Congress has no idea what the cause of this is, I think it is time for some individual in the Congress who has some clout - perhaps Maverick McCain - should go on national TV and clear up this matter.

He should state: "We have a crisis of confidence in the US Government." This must be corrected now. Therefore I am calling for the stepping down of both Dodd and Frank. Their voices at this time given they are they major cause of the problem we are dealing with are doing nothing except lowering the people's evaluation of our work. From now on, no more."

Then he should go on to Part II of how to generate confidence. The bill is to have NO EARMARKS and NO PROVISIONS FOR ACORN!!!

That would spark plenty of fireworks and some real soul searching on Capitol Hill. And this is EXACTLY what is needed!

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