Monday, September 1, 2008

Referendum on One's Sense of Life

This election is coming down to a referendum on the candidates' "sense of life." A sense of life is a sub-conscious appraisal of man and of existence.

Which do you choose?

The candidate that whines and parades his own and other people's sores as a virtue and offers excuses when he doesn't accomplish the results he said he was going to accomplish, or the candidate who takes what life deals him/her in stride and accomplishes real results?

The candidate who obfuscates on everything and works hard to not let you know who he is or the one that clarifies and is willing to let you know everything about who he/she is?

The candidate who deals with people to be manipulated and used, or the candidate who will offer herself for investigation if you think she did something wrong?

The candidate who is afraid of what you will think of his past such that he has thrown overboard his supporters and "friends" and isolated himself, or the one who is not afraid of his/her past and has plenty of real support and is not isolated?

The candidate who has to seek the support of unthinking mobs counting on their numbers to affirm his validity, or the candidate who is willing for you to judge him/her on his merits?

The candidate who has trouble conveying his patriotism by his actions and his past when there should be no doubt about the issue, or the candidate who without a doubt is patriotic?

Given that the candidates are so starkly different in this issue, one’s vote this year is also a referendum on one’s own sense of life.

We get to choose. Which will it be?

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