Monday, May 9, 2011

Time to End the Lure of Forced Redistribution for Humane Purposes

The horrors of the Nazis have been seen, told, recorded. The horrors of the socialists/communists have not. Here begins humanity getting past that despicable evil. Let's hope this eventually uproots the idea that there is something benign, beautiful, humane about being a socialist or a current-day liberal.


Principlex said...

You should be as revolted at the sight of a hammer and sickle as you are of a swastika. The fact that you aren't is because you are not present to the facts - facts which are much worse and far wider in terms of numbers of people killed than ever killed by the Nazis.

Robert said...

The key point is that it wasn't just people who were socialists or fascists that killed so many, the murders are endemic to the coercive system of government. Any government that assumes people to be property is a slave society. Such societies consider individuals expendable. Murder is the end result of these societies because coercion never gets nicer; it always gets more coercive and murder is the harshest form of coercion.