Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Generation Wee

This is a frightening video of what the Progressives are working to cause. Some of the kids who are angry will kill their parents out of this justification – that everyone older than they left them a fucked-up world. They live the sob-story, born-victim life. (Remember the sob stories that Obama, Michelle, the Clintons, Pelosi and many others have trotted out?) There’s a violent future embedded here because of its naked appeal to hatred and no power but political power - power by numbers – not ideas, not values, not reason, not productivity, not self-esteem. Why don’t I get from this message their claim of political tolerance? These are the coming revolutionaries.

Progressives control our government. Those who openly claim to be Progressives are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Van Jones, all the statist czars in this Administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid. Soros claims to be a one-worlder, which is the same thing. The Progressives which are nothing more than the old time communists, socialists, welfare statist, social justice people in new clothes are here to do the individual in. Individual Rights, that’s right, your individual life, is the ultimate political sin in their world. In the video, you can hear the collectivism. This is Generation We.

Stop being a zombie. Wake up. Challenge this wherever you find it.

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