Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liberty's Vision

Liberty's vision affirms the only proper role of government: to protect the Individual Rights of all citizens at the expense of none; to protect its citizenry from force, fraud, and breach of contract, thereby allowing all citizens to dispose of the products of their thoughts and labor, their property, as they see fit.

Liberty's vision defines the only proper way to associate with our fellow men: by voluntary trade and the prohibition of force. Free trade and free markets are both practical and morally necessary for human dignity, prosperity, and enjoyment of life on earth.

Liberty's vision rejects the premise that one person's alleged need constitutes an enforceable claim on another's life, and that such a claim can or should be fulfilled through government force or coercion. We reject slavery in all forms, including coercive wealth redistribution.

Liberty's vision rejects the premise of politicians and bureaucrats who assume the right to subject us to their schemes and controls, to force us into servitude to them and to their cronies, to take our hard-earned wages, to disrupt our economy and burden us with unconscionable liabilities, and to sacrifice our beloved soldiers and our resources in wars where our national interest is dubious, and where winning is prohibited.

This is Liberty's Vision. Is it America's? Is it yours?

"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair." - George Washington.


(If this was penned by someone other than me and you can prove it, I would love to give that person credit. I was sent this by a friend who had gotten it from me. He gives me credit for it and it sounds like something I may have written, but I'm not fully confident that I did. No matter, I publish it because it is important today as we sort out who we are as a nation.)

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