Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The motivation behind the Left, the Democrats and all the political systems not based on liberty and individual rights is to KEEP FEAR ALIVE. This video demonstrates this. The people Van Jones appeals to are already politically free. Immigrants may or may not be, but they can be with some paper work.

The work to be done is not political. It is personal. It is stoking one's brain with knowledge so that one can see the choices available, screwing up the courage to act, then acting. That's how the real work is done.

Obama trots out the sob story, making sure that people are present to their fear. He, Michelle, Pelosi, Reid and thousands of others all like these stories - the more miserable the better. In the vacuum of non-creation - fear and hopelessness - they can step in and offer them any lie as hope. Now you see why a campaign of HOPE is attractive to some people, the hopeless people. The politician can offer no real solution as the real work is not political. The single root purpose of all of this activity is to KEEP FEAR ALIVE. Our politicians especially on the Left, thrive on their constituents' fear.

Geithner threatens us with the collapse of the financial system if he doesn't get to borrow more money. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson tell us that an American black person cannot make it unless he's given a break - affirmative action. On and on and on they KEEP FEAR LIVE.

The Right does its share of fear-mongering too and ends up making the Left's programs workable. Both are soul-eroding.

Until you and I realize this is no way to live and step in with the proper orientation, conversations and moral support, we are not able to act on the political freedom we already have. And soon enough, we will no longer be free. We will have forged our chains in the form of government laws and hardware to keep us under control.

Untitled from Breitbart on Vimeo.

When The Left and most politicians inspire us with livable ideals rather than the false ones requiring the government's gun to institute, there will be a new day for America. Until then, we live as slaves to our fear.

What are the two words one can say to himself when he finds himself granting this drivel a listening? Or gets scared? Or feels hopeless and powerless?


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