Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque?

President Obama has come out in support of the right of Muslims to have a mosque on their private property. Although we in America take it for granted that we have the right to use our property as we wish, we are beginning to learn that is not the case - unless, of course, you are a Muslim, whereupon the President lets us know that they have that right. The rest of us undergo way too many stupid, irritating regulations that do nothing other than stop the use of one's intelligence.

What is wrong with this picture? Why should the Muslims not be able to use their property as they wish?

Use of property is not a primary. It is subject to moral law, the moral principles that grant validity to the political principles of the State. In the United States where every man has a right to his life while living in society, it is immoral, and illegal, for a man to use his property to concoct the means necessary to murder his neighbor, i.e., to deprive him of his fundamental piece of property, his life.

The 9/11 debacle was in the name of Allah, the Muslim god. It was done for the glorification of Islam and Allah. To allow an enemy to erect a monument next to the site of the destruction they caused is obscene. Not until the Muslims give up their right to kill other people for their religious reasons can they be allowed to spread their word in America. Only in this era when morality has been pushed from the scene would it ever be possible to give this mosque a pass. I say, Islam (meaning the political equivalent of that) gets its mosque when the political entities who advocate it surrender to the United States - and not until then.

Beyond this, Islam is not simply a religion in the meaning of that term applicable in the United States. Here a religion means that one may organize and advocate and teach principles to live by. However, people in the name of their religion have no right to judge people and then administering severe punishments and even death sentences if the followers do not follow their rules. Although some may admire Islam for sticking to its principles, it is forever damned because it is acting on the wrong principles - principles which are anti-human life.

A human being possesses his life which is dependent upon his rational faculty. He has to be able to make mistakes in order to learn. This is an individual process and is necessary for all people. Provided a person hasn't initiated force against another, he must be able to make mistakes and pay for the damages - real damages, i.e., not to one's weird view of his honor. Burying a person up to his neck and throwing stones at his head until his skull is crushed is not appropriate punishment. Honor killings are immoral, evil, and should be renamed, "dishonor killings" because they bring dishonor to all the individuals who sanction such an institution.

Following Obama's support of the Ground Zero Mosque, he stepped back, stepping into an even bigger "cow pie." He said he wouldn't be the one to tell the Muslims that it was the wise thing to do. Thanks, O, you barbarian.

Obama is America's president. His job more than any other is to be a political leader - which means, be a leader such that the society as constituted by the principles which generated this country are maintained and the society continues. He is failed utterly at this task. I mean, he failed so badly that it is unconscionable. Without any reference to the abhorrent evil of Islam in jihadist practice, he sanctioned it. I am finally and absolutely clear that Obama is not interested in being a leader for the United States. He has no inclination toward it.

Frankly, given that 9/11 has Muslim stamped all over it and he could not take a stand for America when he took an oath to protect the Constitution and the country, I think he committed an impeachable offense. He deserves to be removed from office for treason.

P.S. I see that the Germans shut down a Hamburg mosque where the 9/11 attackers met. Here.



President Obama is applying the Alinsky principle once again: Use an enemy's morality against them. Obama's enemy is America - either by choice or by default.

Alinsky knew that the Christian principle of taking care of the least among us could be exploited to bankrupt the system and bring a basically capitalist system to its knees.

And the Muslims know that the sanctity of property rights can be exploited to jam a mosque into America's tender 9/11 wound.

Given this technique can be used on any moral value, what is the answer to this?

A system of government is dependent on a moral system. How a human is free to behave in society is at the root of any society. One must be clear what those values are and if someone violates those values, then he must be sent away. A society cannot allow people in the society to flaunt the moral basis for that society and expect their society to survive. All it takes is for the basic values to not be stood for.

We know that Islam is not committed to America's values. It is a religion combined with State compulsion - in all cases except for Turkey which is now shifting back to the religion/state combo.

The truth is, Islam is at war with the United States. The leaders of all of those countries are clear they are at war with us. Only we are stupid and do not recognize this. So, until we are willing to bite that bullet, we will not be able to solve this problem.

When we are ready, then either Islam (and I'm sick of violent fanatics hiding behind religion which is spread over several nations and because of that we are unwilling to pin these militants to a particular place which we can then hold responsible) will give up is connection to the state or we will have to defeat it and force that result.

This is the only way that freedom will win out in this situation. If not this, we will be enslaved to Muslim autocrats. And they are not fun. They behead people at will and cut off sexual parts to deny a person sexual pleasure. We get to choose the outcome if we don't wait too long.


This is not intended as an endorsement of Islam. It is an endorsement of the separation of church and state.

Here is a Muslim organization that advocates the separation of church and state, the precondition for a religion to exist and thrive in America.


Gutfield of Red-Eye points to Muslims wanting tolerance of their intolerance. No Way, All-ay!