Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Everything - Mr. Nothing

Cartoon by John Cox.

Is Obama everything or is he nothing? Or simply evil? I wouldn't care except that he can force his way on all of us and that ain't right.

First he's multi-racial, so he's black, no he's white, he's everything - but then he's neither. He's whichever until it comes to accountability and then he's the other race.

He was raised a Muslim, now he's a Christian, he's everything - but then, he's not really either. In Washington he doesn't go to church. Maybe he's an atheist. Hmm, a nothing?

He's supposedly an American, although none of us are quite sure about that. He certainly doesn't act like an American. He kisses the rings and asses of everyone except Americans. He tries to act like he's a citizen of the whole world, but who wants him? Anyone who would claim him would find he would have to work to not be them. I asked an African if he was an African. He said, "No, he's certainly not an African."

He sounds like he wants to build the world but what has he built? He destroys relationships right and left and isn't building new ones. He fritters our wealth away to worthless recipients - worthless because they cannot build it into something that would sustain them. I read yesterday where his State Department is spending millions for the building and rehabilitation of mosques in the Middle East, southern Europe and Africa. Aren't they at war with America?

Or remember when he was the Illinois Senator who postured that he was everything - except that he could not take a stand on a tough issue and would push the "present" button? That happened almost a 130 times. Mr Everything transformed to Mr. Nothing.

He entered the gulf oil spill matter as our savior. The gulf healed itself and our only cost was the damage done by Obama. He did his best to ruin the oil industry there. First he was everything and then he was nothing - now wait, a minute, he was a negative everything.

First he tells us that the Constitution is lacking because it only lists negative rights. He then stands for the negative rights for our enemies - the Muslims who have yet to own their spiritual connection to 9/11 - and that is something he would never do for us citizens. Isn't it interesting that the Imams want to make use of our negative rights, those things listed in the Constitution that Obama thinks are its flaw? They could give a damn about his so-called positive rights.

He's transparent, no, he's murky. I see; no, I don't. Screw it.

He's metrosexual. Good suits. Perfect everything. Is that masculine? Feminine? Both? Nothing? Hmmm.

He won because everyone mapped their view of him, their hope for him, on him. Now we are pissed. Betrayal reigns.

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