Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No, Shirley! Let's Try That One More Time!

The story this week is that of Shirley Sherrod talking about her judging people by race and transforming to a person who judges them by class.


Both wrong Shirley! Both lead to the same consequences: No freedom and the theft of one man's life (I know it looks like a benefit at first) at the expense of another man's life - as public policy.

The Obama Administration immediately cast itself into a deeper HELL by falling all over itself to apologize for its quick judgment. Whoops! Another quick judgment! And just as bad!

Mr. Intelligence jumped from the racism of Sherrod to the thieving of Sherwood. So Robin Hood is the good?

Puh-leaze! If that's the case then it ought to be quite alright to relieve Obama of his millions. And Soros of his. And let me see how many there are that ought to cleanse their souls.

Not only is this pure hypocrisy as advocacy, it is simply wrong. To succeed, to excel, to achieve, and yes, to become wealthy is something that a person ought to want if he is actually seeking to better himself. Money is one measure. It's not the only one. Michael Jordan is an example of wealth - in basketball talent and works. Michelangelo is an example of wealth - in artistic talent and works. Others are example of wealth - in marketing talent and works, in entertainment talent and works, in manufacturing talent and works, etc.

No wealth, no future. So what Sherrod did by robbing the rich and giving to the poor was rob the poor man of his future. The underlying lesson was to be rich meant he would be robbed and probably no better off if he were to become rich. "Oh well, being rich was never my thing anyway."

None of this is America as conceived. None of it. It is as foreign to America as the Mandarin of China or Bantu of South Africa. Here, every man is protected in his life. He can work and earn property and live his life. It's his. He has a right to his life - ALL OF IT. Not a tiny piece of it. All of life and all that he sees is possible for life. This is America.

The thing that America used to do well but has literally been taxed out of doing is taking care of those that need a helping hand. Once the government started doing this, it has grown an industry of its own and it is no longer related to life. It's become the death industry - surviving on the blood of the poor for its existence. It survives on the sob stories of the poor. Their blood is the fertilizer that they must constantly give up so that the government can justify its need for the blood of the rich. What a horrible industry. Hideous to the hilt. I want to puke.

We are under a scourge. One that has been growing for a hundred years. It's the scourge of the little people - the people who hold individual human beings as small. The little people's biggest fear is that people can actually be great and large as a possibility that we can all aspire to. Rather than let man yearn and grow and fill these possibilities of his imagination and shape our government to allow this freedom (which is what it was designed to do), the little people strap down everything, regulate everything, tax everything, and in one way or another constrict everything and bend everything until is is some distorted, tortured, grotesque mis-shape of what it could be. This is the real pain of living in the United States right now.

When this passes, and only then, can we exhale.

And then...and then... we can inhale the sweet air of life once again.



A friend said to me, and I agree, given that Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack fired Shirley and then apologized for being an idiot, he should have resigned. This would have demonstrated his integrity and given him a future.

Further, O should demand his resignation. Without that, O takes the hit and Vilsack, like Shirley, is a good soldier who falls on the sword as required. Vilsack is now a human pretzel. And, O is a non-leader who exacts no cost for the privilege of being in his select cadre.

If this story doesn't show the absence of a moral compass in this Administration, I don't know what would.

Robert said...

It certainly does show the absence of a moral compass. But politically, it is worse even than that. It shows they are dreadfully afraid of the Tea Parties and of Glenn Beck in particular. They wanted to kill the story and show that they were not racists so they rushed to judgment and rushed to get her resignation before the Beck show aired...and it backfired on them. This shows that the Obama administration is even worse than the FDR administration in its blind pragmatism. It was Obama who made the decision and it is Obama who should resign for being one of the most vapid and empty intellects ever to sit in that office. It also shows the power of the Tea Party protesters. The administration is running scared. Good for America!