Friday, April 16, 2010

Our First FUCK-YOU President

Obama has taken to openly mocking people - people, if he were President of all the people - whose concerns ought to be heard. He, however, has no interest in that. In particular, in Miami at a Democratic fundraiser where he outdid himself (or is it undid himself?) he laughed, lied about his lowering taxes, and then outrageously made fun of millions of people across the nation who are rebelling at his takeover of the government for his narrow ideological purposes, and the high taxes and lowering standard of living this implies. Obama, being ignorant about producing positive, life-affirming results, prefers to be some small-time mind (or is non-mind?) that only talks to his people and gets his jollies by making fun of the people who aren't there. (Remember those stupid people who cling to their guns and religion he cited while speaking to a multi-thousand dollar plate fundraiser in California?) This cocky and perilous road will surely end where he doesn't want it to go.

But then how would I know. A FUCK YOU president has got to be a FUCK IT type of guy.

(Top photo from Michelle Malkin. Thank you Michelle for locating this photo.)

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