Monday, April 26, 2010

Our First Overtly Racist President

When a man appeals to you as a member of some group - be it race, gender, ethnic group, sexual orientation - his object is to by-pass your mind. He recognizes, not for a minute, that people in those groups are in various conditions in life - some are poor, some are wealthy, and some are in-between; some are employees and some are employers. His every statement is intended to by-pass your mind, your basic means of survival. That is the essence, the hallmark, of a racist. So, here goes our President fully into that territory.

Our President is now dealing with us on the level of managing farm animals.

I now declare President Obama completely and irrefutably unfit to be our President. The man never wanted to be President of all of the people. He has been ginning up, under Rev Wright's influence as well many others, that the Civil War never happened and it means nothing. He came to be President for some people at the expense of other people, about as good a prescription for eternal war as you can find. The man is mad, as in insane.

Given that this man is anti-mind and that it is the size of one's sob story that gains his favor, no sane person can in any way be connected to him. He is as toxic as they come and if one gives him any quarter, you will become poison yourself, infecting yourself and your friends and associates. Beyond his danger politically, he's a profound danger personally at the level of one's spirit and motivation to seek the best within oneself.

We all must distance ourselves from him and declare him what he is and what we (you and me as individual persons), distinct from him, are. Those who fell in love with him or got attached to his hope, are going to have to go through "falling out of love," not a necessarily easy thing to do. I have compassion for that process, but the results are the crucial thing, not what it takes to cause the results. Further, when you get clear as to what is going and where it is leading, the love affair will be over.

America as the only home of a free people will survive - hopefully stronger. To be rid of this toxic influence is not going to take business as usual. It is going to take becoming a leader in one's conversations and speaking out regarding this. This is imperative if we are to have a future.


Robert said...

If a person believes that races exist, he is a racist. This message by Obama is an effort to make cover for the massive voter fraud that they will use in November to try to stay in power.


Racism is caused by treating a person as an inert thing rather than a living existent which is a essentially a process. It's something that happens inside collectivism and materialism - any doctrine that doesn't grant the individual the prime mover/initiator status that he is.


Barack Obama's "Racial Obsessions"
(Tue, Jan 30, 2007)

(This piece came from

"Here’s a piece on Barack Obama’s past, based on his own account of his shockingly racist anti-white attitudes, in a biography written before he entered politics: ‘Trapped between two worlds’.

"After his sophomore year, Obama transferred to Columbia University. Later, looking back on his years in New York City, he recalled: 'I had grown accustomed, everywhere, to suspicions between the races.'

"His pessimism about race relations seemed to pervade his worldview.

"'The emotion between the races could never be pure,' he laments in 'Dreams.' 'Even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart.'

"After graduating from college, Obama eventually went to Chicago to interview for a job as a community organizer. His racial attitudes came into play as he sized up the man who would become his boss. 'There was something about him that made me wary,' Obama wrote. 'A little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'

"Harris-Lacewell said such expressions of distrust toward whites will not hurt Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries, which are dominated by liberal voters.

"'To win the Democratic nomination, he’s got to get a part of the progressive, anti-war, white folks,' she said. 'And those white folks tend to be suspicious of any black person who wouldn’t be suspicious of white people.'"