Friday, April 9, 2010

You Know What's So Great About Butler?

So many people have been inspired by Butler University's Bulldogs playing their heart out in the NCAA Basketball Tournament's final game. They lost to Duke University's Blue Devils when their final shot did not score.

It's true that Duke won, but the conversation I'm hearing are about Butler and Butler's coach, Brad Stevens. They captured the national attention.

Do you know what it is about Butler?

They do not have a shred of that attitude known as "I'm entitled." They know they have to earn whatever they get. They have no illusions about it. Their conversations are always oriented around that rather than a fixed position - such as winning/losing, being a winner/loser, etc. Their mission is not about the transient accomplishments so much as the opportunity that striving for the accomplishments provides to learn about oneself and grow.

This is great. Honorable. Ennobling. Soooo what is needed at this time.

And that's what I love about Butler right now.

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