Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Vacuum in Leadership has Arrived

The thing that is so missing in Obama is leadership. He cannot help himself and resorts to partisanship - over and over and over. The idea that he is a leader of all the people of this country is anathema to him. As a consequence, he comes off as a teen-aged lightweight in matters important to people. He creates Jerry Springer drama where there should be none. Every time he does this, he shears off more of his supporters.

In the clip, he doesn't say who "caused this mess," leaving that as a piece of red meat for the Bush-haters. Although Doctors were licensed by the government prior to 1965, which was an intrusion against political freedom, there were no health care programs. Lyndon Johnson the Medicare and Medicaid programs made law and that was the beginning of the devolution we now find ourselves in. At that point health care became transformed into a right and now many, fanned by the "victimologists", demand slaves to pay for it.

Is he as unintelligent as his actions suggest? Or does he have a purpose? Is it winning the day for socialism once and for all to transform America into non-America?

Whether this is his purpose or not, he provides a huge opportunity for all those who disagree with him. Many people of all colors, ethnicities and luke-warm ideologies were willing to work with him, but are now changing their mind. Under the bus, people are sorting themselves out and the country could emerge more consistently freedom-oriented than ever before.

I welcome this battle of ideas. Just notice how bereft of ideas the "anti-freedomites" are. It is heartening. Now, if we can only get people to use their minds, their basic tool of survival as a human being. That would be one hell of an achievement.

The enemies of freedom are identifying themselves.

If you value political freedom, the most consistent identification and defense of it that I've read is Ayn Rand's "Man's Rights" and "The Nature of Government." Both appear in The Virtue of Selfishness, her book on ethics which was originally published in 1964 by New American Library. It's been published in other forms since then and you can check it out by clicking on the Amazon ad in the sidebar of this blog.

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