Thursday, August 6, 2009

The AARP Meeting

This video exhibits exactly what is going on everywhere regarding the issue of health care. PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING HEARD!

My position given that I'm over 65 and have Medicare is that I will gladly take freedom over Medicare.

The health care market is wildly regulated - at the federal and state level. Years ago doctors sewed up a monopoly for doctors by getting the states to license them. Through professional exams, the doctors are able to control the number of practicing physicians which yield big incomes for doctors. To this day, doctors, via the AMA's lobbying in Congress and the states, fight all kinds of ideas for health care to be easily and inexpensively accessible at pharmacies, from Sam's Club to grocery stores.

Insurance company competition is controlled and regulated by the states. Politicians get benefits of financial support by the approved insurers or those wanting to be approved. If you move to another state, you may have to get a different insurer and you certainly are subject to the laws and government imposed costs of that state.

The tax code further complicates matters. People who get their health care insurance through their work get a tax credit, those who don't have to pay in after-tax dollars.

Hospitals are tied hand and foot.

And then there are law suits. Law suits yield outrageous amounts for plaintiffs who suffer at a medical care professional's or institution's hand. The tort laws and potential lawsuits put tremendous pressure on doctors and hospitals to have multiple tests to prepare in advance should they be sued. Liability insurance is outrageously costly and we have to pay for that when we go to the doctor. This whole mess unleashes a cavalry of ambulance-chasing lawyers.

Medicare and Medicaid are runaway programs that punish the healthy to pay for the sick through taxation.

All of this obscene control, regulation and taxation has one source - the government. The health care industry is tied in a bureaucratic knot and it costs a fortune.

Now they have ruined the industry, they expect it to be fine once they take it over completely? Are you kidding? They are not addressing any of the real problems and President Obama won't even talk on that level. As government's head he takes no responsibility, always finds someone to blame and makes unfulfillable promises. He lies and thinks if he does it in the right manner, it works.

There is no way in hell he will be able to make happen what he says. Watching his older video clips, you see that he has no intention to make his promises happen. Rather he has something else in mind - a single-payer system. Here. It's socialism or bust for Obama - maybe baby steps for now, but always to the same end. (Now he says that "if we were starting from scratch" he would advocate a single payer system. Since there are always some health care services in existence in a society, no one starts from scratch.) For an advocate of political freedom, the truth is, he IS the joker.

If we cannot get heard now, why will the government have any interest in hearing us once they have final control of our very bodies?

The real issue is as the 61-year old gentleman in the video states.


It is LIBERTY that is threatened and to place the government between you and your body is the most threatening of all threats to our liberty.

Abundance is a product of liberty. Liberty is the answer for health care abundance. Health care was not in crisis prior to 1965 when it got fastened onto the American public. The AMA had already gotten its lock on doctors but that was it. (They are the only major medical organization that has sold its soul for Government Health Care. And this even though it means pure slavery for its members. I heard minutes ago that 14,000 doctors are now organizing against the AMA's position.)

The Democrats say the boiling anger over health care is an orchestrated mob. (Hmmm. Who except people who think in terms of community organizing would think that way?)

No one has called me and tried to orchestrate anything but I am certainly in the market for a full-throated, sign-bedecked protest. You bet!


principlex said...

I've listened to a couple interviews of Obama's former doctor - Dr. Shiner, I believe his name is. He's a big proponent of a single payer system - same as Obama. Besides his being extraordinarily passionate around this issue which raised a red flag with me, what is his reason for his position? "The insurance companies tie him in knots and give him fits," he says. "Medicare on the other hand," he says, "is a piece of cake, giving him no trouble at all." He then proceeds to demonize insurance companies.

What is wrong with this argument?

He does admit that this started 40 years ago. He doesn't say so, but that is when government intrusion into the health care industry began with a vengeance. It was in 1965 that Medicare and Medicaid began and the regulations of insurance companies began. The insurance companies were compelled by law to supply all kinds of benefits - driving their costs up which resulted in larger insurance premiums. With all of this the complaints increased to provide still more benefits at the same time the bitching about the costs increased. The insurance companies resorted to more careful underwriting and scrutiny of claims to hold costs down. All was part in parcel of the government getting involved. No wonder the problems began 40 years ago.

Did Dr. Shiner look at the real cause of the problem. No. He bypassed that entirely. He's an example of the kind of specious argument that attempts to drive people into accepting accepting a single payer, i.e., socialist, system.

It's also interesting that he never addresses this issue on ethical grounds. He avoids that entirely instead talking about costs. Lots of people on both sides make this mistake. Costs are not the issue. Having the government taking control of your body when you are sick or hurt is the issue. And to allow that is totally immoral - if morality has any meaning at all. No one should ever allow some bureaucrat in Washington determine what happens to him anytime - let alone when it comes to one's own body.

Someone should ask him to describe his experience prior to 40 years ago and see what he says.

principlex said...

Here's another example of NOT GETTING HEARD.