Monday, August 10, 2009

Shut Up!

Although this was created in April by Andrew Klavin, it's now even more apropos.

Combine this with the intimidation tactics of the SEIU and ACORN goons in Tampa and St. Louis, and the call by the White House to send it any emails you have gotten with something fishy about the health care plan and people are getting the message. Never have people been so unheard, so mocked, so ridiculed and misrepresented as is going on now with this government.

And guess what? People are not just mad; they are god damned mad. And it cuts across all lines of the culture and political parties.

Leah from New Hampshire expresses the frustration pricelessly.

Maybe it's time to hear Hillary speak the principle that is the Right to Free Speech and to disagree - even vehemently. Here

The graphic artists and cartoonists are getting on the bandwagon too. These are from The People's Cube.


neighbortom said...

This is all so hyperbolically irresponsible...

Robert said...

Watching Olbermann and his emotionalist diatribes makes me think he'd be perfect for the Death Panel. A man with no conscience.

The whole point of the criticism is that when you give government the power to interfere, they will look for excuses to interfere. When the government controls a limited product or service, they will make political decisions rather than let doctors make individual decision. A "Death Panel" is a very real possibility given the right "emergency" and the "right" political will.

principlex said...

Olbermann is a man at war. I consider anyone listening to him for something important to say on any subject of Olbermann's choosing as a litmus test of the listener's intelligence.

Rather than a person or family or anyone who chooses to care for a loved one in need of health care choosing what they want to do and is within their means to do (and their means are not simply financial), Olbermann asserts we should trust this President or some future President and all of the bureaucrats beneath him as the way and means to get health care. Olbermann is simply calling for, exhorting for, a dictator or ruling oligarchy. He is an elitest of the worst kind - an elitest for the sake of naked political power. See my last paragraph on what naked power means.

Just as an individual must form priorities to determine his choices and actions, so must a business or a government. There will not be a real death panel (a group of three people in grim reaper costumes) sitting in judgment of people. There will be those things which the government health system has available and will dispense to people provided they meet the conditions which align with the priorities the government has set.

Given that it has limited resources and will be confronted with unlimited demand for those resources, it has no choice but to make these determinations to bring the demand into line with its resources.

Already bioethics intellectuals have discussed how this can be done. Ezekiel J. Emanuel MD, Rahm's brother, is such a person and a paper which he and two others authored is here:

Will it be like the English system which bases the amount of benefits on age? Or will it take into account some other means of determining who is worthy, by the standard of the government, to spend money on.

Any man worth the title is going to make up his own mind as to what is going on. Notice how Olbermann uses ad hominem, ridicule and any means he can to get you to dismiss the ideas Palin stated in a way that got people's attention. He is so corrupted in the process of intellectual discourse that there is nothing he says that can be taken seriously nor anything other than an appeal to a listener's feelings (particularly fear and hatred).

The truth is Olbermann is a man at war where the first principle is to dehumanize one's enemies. This is the essential requirement of tyrants and is a signifier of that type of human being.

Palin pointed out the dehumanization that must come about in a Government Health Care program. Olbermann essentially dehumanized Palin for bringing attention to this fact. This tells me everything about who Olbermann is.

It is not unnoticed how callous Obama has been in several of his conversations on health care. He uses phrases like "no one is going to be unplugging grandma" in his cocky manner like that is funny. He is chilling.

Naked power is the power of life and death over a person or group of persons. Whether Obama will use this naked power if he is able to get it is unknown. What is clear is that if it is available, a future dictator if not he will use it. This kind of power sitting around unused is red meat to the power hungry.

The use of this power can be used arbitrarily anytime it is "needed." And because those who use naked power always see men as "us vs. them" the temptation to do away with their "them" will be more than they can resist. At the point where it will be used, people will die because they said they had to die. The people of the "them" will be trapped and a man or woman under the guise of helping people will quietly help them - to their death.

Anyone caring anything about life cannot abide such a system for a minute. Thus all the people who are now backing this or any other such government health care plan must be resisted with everything we have available to us to resist.