Thursday, July 16, 2009

Called on Race-Baiting

I'm posting this vid because it is the FIRST TIME I have seen a black man call out a Congressman on race-baiting. It's about time. I can't help but think that any self-respecting black person who has a mind quite capable of ascertaining facts and making his/her own choices is getting real tired of always being cloyingly categorized as nothing more than a member of collective called BLACK. This is evidence for how racist the Democratic Party really is. It USES blacks as a group whenever it needs to trot out its moral superiority. It’s disgusting. Here it is so clear that for Barbara Boxer, human beings are not ends themselves – only something to be USED for her purposes. Besides that she behaves like an agenda-driven Panzer. Wake up America.

If you are interested in this topic, you will enjoy a black man's post on the subject: Boxer vs. The Uppity Negro.


principlex said...

There are two ways to be a racist - by controlling and forcing a person of a particular race or ethnic group into a dependent position or by pandering, trying to lure them into a dependent position.

If you notice, Ms. Boxer brought out all black organizations as authorities to make her point. This was her lure to these black businessmen. She thought that she was doing the right thing to make a hit with them.

But she didn't. Why? Because they were offended that she didn't simply offer her evidence and not attach the black thing to it. Facts are facts. They do not have a color. Either they support one's conclusions or not. This is what I mean when I say that some whites are racists. They alter their behavior because of race. They think the "in" with the black person is to relate to them through race rather than intelligence and the basic dignity of every human being - that he has a mind of his own.

Until the black demands that another person just give him the facts so he can draw his own conclusions, he will never take the ground he needs to take to gain the respect he wants. That's true for any person, by the way.

I was happy that this man stood up to this. I admire him for expressing his disdain.

Ms. Boxer said that this was friendly. She would do well to inform her face and her actions.

This is what I saw in the video. Draw your own conclusions.

Robert said...

I think Boxer was trying to use other black organizations as supporters of her conclusions on global warming and through that try to discredit the black chamber of commerce respresentative who disagreed with the "accepted" opinion. She was, in effect, saying that since other black organizations agreed with the government's policies on global warming that his position, on the fact, was wrong. For Boxer, anyone who disagrees that global warming is a problem is a right wing radical. She was "trying to put him in his place," so to speak.

principlex said...

Yes, exactly. My point is not that she used other organizations which was fallacious in itself since they are political organizations, but that she used black political organizations (NAACP and 100 Black Men of Atlanta). Why black? If she wanted to support the fact that global warming has validity as a theory and is the source of some economic problem then she should have done so. That has nothing to do with color nor politics. Essentially she was committing the logical fallacy of appeal to the majority (or spokesmen for large numbers of people).

Her trotting out of the black organizations near the beginning of this clip added insult to injury. The insult was the attempt to use race as a persuader. The injury was the attempt to use invalid authority.

Barbara Boxer has a stake in the cheap "we vs. them" mentality and has undermined her validity as anyone who could actually resolve a political issue.

principlex said...

Here's the deeper problem:

This article goes into how compassion not only disrespects the grantee, but also the granter.