Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are You Crazy?

Have Americans completely lost their minds?

America is the best producer of goods and services the world has ever known. Right now it has the best Health Care available for the most citizens of any place in the world. It produces more procedures and medicines and has more facilities to cure or ameliorate the ailments of mankind than anyplace else. There are some problems, but a poor person is rich in America compared to the poor around the world.

And you want to trade that for someone telling you what, how much and who you can go to for your health care? ARE YOU NUTS?

Every place that has GOVERNMENT Health Care must, by necessity, move to the lowest common denominator of health care. The GOVERNMENT harnesses, i.e., ENSLAVES, the doctors and all others in the system by refusing to pay them what they want and would otherwise get in a free market. The best ones leave the business. It controls the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research so that you get what the GOVERNMENT wants to pass out. It controls the hospitals, it controls the nurses, it controls the ambulance services, it controls every bit and piece of an otherwise complex system with abundant options and practices. It chokes, i.e., asphyxiates, i.e., takes the breath of life away from every doctor, every nurse, every office, every prescription and drug producer, every ambulance service, every person in the industry with paperwork.

And for that reason it will kill people too. Yes, I said kill them - by deprivation, by neglect, by policies which will follow the book, not the needs of the patient.

It will destroy the doctor - patient relationship. You will be a cipher, not a person.

Because the demand for Health Care will go through the roof because it is FREE, which it isn’t, it will be rationed. You will not be able to get the very thing that may save your life. You will have to wait too long or it won’t be available. What you will get are excuses and delays and government policies. None of these will do a damn thing for you!

In the scarcity of Health Care that will be CAUSED by THE GOVERNMENT, guess who will be selected to suffer this scarcity the most? The old, the infirm, the handicapped – anyone who is determined by THE GOVERNMENT to not be in the mainstream of productive citizens doing the work that the GOVERNMENT considers valuable. Of course they will never say that. It will just happen by default. Since you do not get to choose your health care, the GOVERNMENT will make the decisions. And they don't know if you are a genius or an idiot, a producer or a moocher. Why would a bureaucrat care about those things that are not reflected in their numbers? There is no other possibility.

And because Health Care will be costly and scarce, you will be regulated regarding your own life. If you eat a Twinkie, followed to its ultimate conclusion, you will violate the law, can be fined or taken to jail or simply spurned. If you smoke a cigarette, you will violate the law and can be fined or taken to jail or refused treatment. You will be required to diet, to exercise, to sleep the right number of hours, to eat the right things, drink the right things, everything that THE GOVERNMENT says, by fiat, you must do to obtain its health care. It will use ladles of guilt and post millions of banners and signs that no one reads about how you are a good boy if you follow their instructions. It won't be like that you say? Not immediately, but the pressure will always be in that direction.

And have you seen the GOVERNMENT’S health care facilities? Take a look at the public facilities they have now. Go to your county health department’s waiting room, get in line in a dingy shabby room painted institution green and see how you like it. Or go to the veterans hospitals and watch the tired nurses, who will be on a GOVERNMENT pay scale along with the doctors and secretaries and all the other employees, complain about their job. Or go to the big public hospitals where you wonder why it is not as clean as your home?

When the GOVERNMENT controls everything, there won’t even be the attraction of security that the GOVERNMENT offers to its employees. With everyone employed by the GOVERNMENT that distinction won’t exist. It will be all about we HAVE TO. Whining will be elevated to an art form. This is the result of having no choice.

And are you aware that regimentation via GOVERNMENT control causes stupidity? If you don't think the I-don't-care attitude of government workers will not spill over into their care, you are really crazy. Livers will be accidentally removed, a wrong leg will be amputated, the anesthesiologist will accidentally kill your loved one instead of anesthetizing them. Simple procedures will become complicated and complicated ones will be incorrectly made simple. Instead of keeping their mind on the business at hand they will be thinking about their latest tweet or when they can get back to Facebook.

Here's a video interviewing ordinary people in Canada about their healthcare. And here is an interview with someone who lived under England's single-payer health care system. They don't even get Novocaine when their teeth are drilled.

This is your future. Are you willing to trade the riches that a free system which encourages superb service and good care in order to attract business FOR THIS? What are you thinking?

People do not get that Universal Health Care is a DIRECT ATTACK on them as human being. It attacks everything that gives rise to being human: your valuing nature as such, your particular values, your mind, your reason, your life and those you care about.

An American watching the above video can see how Canadians are no longer people in the full sense of the word. They have given up. They have ACCEPTED the system, its craziness, and their plight. They make excuses for it. Most Americans I know would have said, "Enough of this horseshit. I'm going some place else!"


Health care is too costly, you say?

Then free it up. Allow more competition, not less. Allow it to meet more needs at all levels instead of less. Already health care is bound hand and foot with regulations that are completely unnecessary. I don’t remember anyone complaining about health care 60 years ago. You had the doctor you trusted and you went to him if you had a problem. You worked out the cost and paid it. Insurance was varied and available at any level you wanted it. If you want better and less costly health care, FREE IT UP! Freedom is the answer, not GOVERNMENT control and regulation.

Here is a conversation about getting the GOVERNMENT out of the way.

Freedom has always been the answer. It unleashes the human engine that produces a torrent of goods and services. It unleashes the ideas and production of the best minds as well as the lesser ones. It unleashes the entrepreneur. There is no waiting in freedom. If you want it, you think about it, you work for it and you pay for it. If you don’t want it, you don’t.

I can’t believe that people are willing to trade abundance for poverty, pennies for the gold they now have and could have more of. But apparently they are about to do so. What has gotten hold of you? Are we now to wear hair shirts for no reason except to prove we are suffering? Are the Liberals, the Progressives, among us as unenlightened as medieval Christians? We have to be gripped by some vast superstition.

When Obama, Reid and Pelosi give up their special government health care program and go stand in line in Canada as an ordinary citizen, I will believe they have something other than pure lies to say to us.






Elena said...

A very good post, Steve. I would like to add a few examples from Russian socialized health care.

The shabbiness of Russian policlinics and hospitals can horrify any American who sees them for the first time. Doctors, always underpaid, couldn't care less about their patients. Misdiagnosis is something absolutely common. They can be treating you for one disease till you die from another.
80% of medical negligence cases are never won. In fact if somebody manages to win a case against negligent doctors and get some compensation (you are lucky if it's about a thousand dollars) it'll be all over the news.

There have been numerous cases through the years where babies and little children were infected with AIDS at hospitals during blood transfusions. Doctors don't always bother to check a donor’s blood for diseases. In some cases the number of infected children reached over 150.

If you are an old person (and old in Russia starts at 50-60) you get less and less attention from the doctors. If you are 80-90 and need an ambulance they may never even bother to come to your call, after all you've already lived too long.

Women are often afraid to get pregnant, because pregnant women seem to be treated worse than anybody else. My mother was forced to walk to the delivery room when her water had already broken and her baby was half way out. A nurse or a doctor can yell at you if you are doing something wrong as if you are a whore and not an expectant young mother. Imagine the psychological stress especially for a first time mother who is already scared without any additional “help” from the doctors. Many babies are born with chronic conditions and their mothers get chronic diseases for the rest of their lives due to the doctors' negligence.

In my home town there is a practice now for young women as soon as they get pregnant to visit a certain doctor and pay him an advance to make sure that he helps them through the pregnancy and is personally present during the delivery, after which he gets the rest of the money. If you don't want to pay this bribe, blame yourself, your baby will be pulled out by an indifferent nurse. If they tear you apart in the process, it's your problem.

I heard of a case where a future father, when he saw the way his pregnant wife was treated, pulled out a gun and stuck it in the doctor’s mouth and promised that he'd pull the trigger if anything happened to his wife. The doctor did his best of course, but not many women are lucky to have such protectors.

If you or your relative were in the hospital for any problem you would need to be prepared to bribe and present money. Small tips, chocolates, etc. for the nurses and bigger tips for the doctors. Plus you’d have to roam the drugstores in search of medications they’d tell you to buy, because they won’t have any.

If you were to go to your physical exam you’d have bring your own sterile latex gloves and your own gown if you care about your safety.

One good thing is that people don’t have to go to the doctor to get a prescription to buy a drug. You can buy anything in the drug store without a prescription, starting from antibiotics and birth control and ending with Viagra. For that reason people try to avoid doctors as much as they can and rely heavily on self-diagnosis and self treatment. I am sure it kills a lot of people too, but many people would rather die on their own than deal with doctors.

Do you need a transplant? Keep dreaming, for most people it’s absolutely out of reach. The waiting lines are so long that you might as well give up hope.

There are a few private clinics, of course, but they are absolutely unaffordable for about 90% of the population. And very few cities actually even have them.

If you want to imagine going to a doctor under socialized medicine imagine going to the DMV or a post office. The waiting time and the attitude are exactly the same. The only difference is that a driver’s license or a postage stamp are not the same as your kidneys or your heart or your liver.

principlex said...

This afternoon on Glenn Beck's show, I saw a video clip of a reporter talking to an MRI facility in Canada. A pet dog or cat can get an MRI in a day. For a human being it takes at least a month.

principlex said...

Richard E. Ralston, director of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, is a good source for information regarding issues of health care. A list of articles he's published can be found here: http://www.capmag.com/author.asp?ID=342

principlex said...

The White House wants more power concentrated there to set Medicare rates. Bad, very bad idea. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D99GD8QG2&show_article=1

Is it not clear that total dictatorship is in the offing?

principlex said...

This article appeared today on the Massachusetts health care system.


Anyone who believes that universal health care has any (yes, I said ANY) redeeming benefits has placed their head where the sun will never again grace their golden locks or their oh-so-becoming curly locks or those dashing straight jet-black locks.

No satisfactory answer will be found in compulsion - ever. Freedom works and more freedom works better.