Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Coming Leadership Vacuum

I think Obama has just about worn out his rhetoric.

The things he is willing to say about how great universal health care is going to be, how it won't cost us anything, how it will save our economy, on and on, is over the top - WAY over the top. I can no longer listen to him without involuntary yelling BULLLL SHIT! There is simply no way he can have what he says come true except at a tremendous cost to America and to his authority in every way other than "he got it done" - if he does.

The cost will be in the results. The relationship with your doctor will be gone. The costs of health care will skyrocket because when it is free there are no brakes on its use. And with that, the clampdown necessarily will descend upon us. How that will look, I don't know. I just know that the quality we now have will decrease, and decrease, and decrease. Of course, those politicians got to get paid - they and their bedfellows. That part will increase. The best and the brightest in that industry will do something else more rewarding than being under the gun of an Emergency Room pace every day for the rest of their lives and not get paid enough in money or respect and appreciation.

Maybe that decreased quality will look like the English where they don't use anesthesia for dental work. Or maybe it will look like the Canadians where you have to wait at least a month for an MRI that may make the difference between living and dying. And if that isn't enough to gall you, your pet can get an MRI the next day because freedom and competition reign in pet health care. One thing that will happen is that old people will be flushed. They are not the productive ones doing most of the paying for the system. And speaking of paying, the wealthy will have moved their wealth elsewhere so it cannot be taxed and insofar as America is concerned, they will have gone Galt or maybe just "gone fishin'."

And health care is just a piece of it. Where are Obama's triumphs in foreign policy? Isn't democracy, the term he does use, meaningless unless people are free? Where was he when the dissidents of Iran were putting their lives at stake for freedom? Oh, I know, not meddling while desiring to shake the bloody hands of their dictators in what he hopes will be some agreement about nuclear weapons. Am I supposed to believe that if Iran's dictators tromp down the lives of their own people their agreements with us, Satin incarnate, will amount to anything?

I haven't heard any hosannas regarding his foreign policy ideas, have you? I see there are some Russians and some Arabs that don't think much of them or apparently, even of him. Now let's see, is that him as his role or him as a person? Maybe they smell the same thing I smell.

And where was he when Honduras realized that its leader was going to install himself as their dictator? When the people stood up to his actions, Obama supported the future dictator. Great. Obama is someone you want in your corner? Right? Wellll - not if freedom is at stake.

From what it looks like, a recession which normally takes about two years to correct will likely last much longer - maybe ten years. Obama is doing all the same kinds of things FDR did to stretch that recession into ten years. Tell me that the best thing to do if you lose your job is to go out and borrow as much money as you can and spend it? Oh really?

And don't get me started on Cap and Trade and Gore's fantasy. Now that is a scam. I expect the Congress to fund, with billions, research and then a program to teach cows to not fart. On the other hand, maybe they will teach them how to light a fart.

At some point, Obama is going to be only a voice desperately trying to be listened to. The people will look elsewhere for leadership - real leadership - not this posturing kind of leadership. The leadership vacuum will then be manifest. How long until then? Not sure. But I am picking up a vibe.

Postmodern philosophy tells us that the truth is a social construction and that everything is political. Politics is how the truth is determined, they say. Obama thinks he is The Truth and The Way (that's why we and every other country around the world suffer his constant moralizing) and that he can control that social construction. To my way of thinking, he's a fool trying to control a fickle master, given his way of being. Much better to ground himself in reality and construct truth on that. It doesn't shift and suddenly wash out from under you.

Worrying about the consensus and leadership don't ride in the same boat. And this boat is headed for a vacuum in leadership.

As painful as it is to watch this happening up close and personal, my hope is that it ends postmodernism and the socialist ideal forever. There are no good people nor right way to make socialism work. It is founded on a false premise. You simply cannot change a man to a being that will systematically sacrifice his own life without gutting him of his will to live or drive him into rebellion. And that is true even if he holds the ideal. I don't know of any Blacks in America touting the wonders of slavery. I don't expect them nor the Whites nor the Hispanics nor the Orientals nor any human being to be touting it this time around.

Does America have a true leader that can step into this vacuum? You know, the one that understands that America's Constitution was a breakthrough in human history that set forth the rights of the individual as primary and constructed the state to protect those rights? The one that understands the progress of human history and gets us back on the right track? Where is that leader?


Robert said...

This reminds me of how Hitler created a leadership vacuum in Germany by insisting that his soldiers fight and die when they could have retreated and lived. It reminds me of Hitler's demand that any German territory ceded to the enemy be burned before it was deserted so the enemy could not use it. It reminds me of Hitler's anger at Germans for not being strong enough and good enough to make his 1000 Reich a reality. All around Hitler, there were people who were countermanding his orders while also telling Hitler that his orders were being followed. will we have a medical system when people will have to countermand Obama's irrational orders?

After all, Hitler was a great speaker and for the German people his inspiring lines became, after a time, "words, just words." It seems we are following this road.

S'marty Says said...

I found your blog via Kevin Jackson's Black Sphere.

You have some terrific writing here and I agree with all of it.

I can only hope the facade starts to crumble sooner rather than later.

Our health care is not in crisis right this second. Obama is pushing like a frenetic ant trying to get a crumb up a hill. He knows his aura is dimming, so he is frantically trying to get every drop of socialistic/statist legislation passed before the zombie masses wake up from their stupor.

principlex said...

Thanks for dropping by S'marty. I agree: Please, sooner rather than later.

principlex said...

Today this headline was posted on The Drudge Report,, "You're going to destroy my presidency."

He said this to a Democrat congressman who was telling Obama that he had trouble in the House of Representatives regarding the healthcare bill.

I've always thought that unplanned, non-programmed remarks say more about what is going with the speaker than anything he would say from notes - or a teleprompter.

Why would Obama say to a Democrat who most likely was warning him of what was going on, that they were going to destroy HIS presidency? What kind of a mind would let that cat out of the bag?

First of all, in one sense - the sense from where the Congressman would likely be listening, it took lots of Democrats to have this presidency. Yes, Obama is the head of the whole effort, but it doesn't help him to draw emphasis to himself when what he needs is the Congressmen's support.

What's worse is that by saying MY presidency, he brings to the surface a choice for the Congressmen: Obama or my constituents. Who do you think the Congressmen will choose if it comes to that?

I add this to my reasons for a coming vacuum in leadership.