Monday, April 27, 2009

The Subterfuge Strategy

Operating via crisis is the means of the Obama Administration and the Congress to get their programs enacted. The crises are merely the cloak for what is really happening and they are manufactured to distract you from the action in the background. So what part will a manufactured crisis in the area of health care provide justification for? And why is the Department of Homeland Security front and center on this one?

This from Instapundit.

SWINE FLU: Nothing new. “The fact of the matter is, swine flu has been hopping from pigs to humans for decades, sometimes causing disease, sometimes not. . . . But I don’t think we need to worry about this pandemic too much, because there’s one thing to keep in mind when news of a unique flu strain breaks: perspective. As of this writing, 80 people in Mexico have succumbed to swine flu. By comparison, the CDC estimates that 36,000 people in the United States die each year of influenza-related illnesses. And in spite of this, we in the medical community still have a hard time convincing people to get their flu shots.”

And what is the DHS report trying to scare people into believing that the real terrorists are veterans and right-wingers about? Remember, this is the foreground.

And what was Obama's European tour really about? We saw the surface. Have you read his pledges to destroy American sovereignty? Why all the money going to the IMF? Do you really think it is to help some impoverished third-world country? Or is he once again counting on your willingness to sacrifice for your (not mine) moral ideal to give him and the IMF a pass?

And what about blaming businessmen for the economic problems? This is the foreground. What's in the background?

Or why is there so much emphasis on Obama's speaking ability and his smooth, soothing oratory to engender trust when so many of the people he has hired or wanted to hire are crooks and don't pay their taxes?

Now what is this idea that Obama wants to grant 3% of our Gross Domestic Product to government sponsored science. Do you get what that amount is? Last year's GDP in current dollars was 14.264 trillion. That is 14,264 billions or 14,264,000 millions. 3% of that is 428 billions which is 428,000 millions. What is this money really going to?

And we still don't know what the money for the bailouts and the budget is going for? All inside a crisis, of course.

I'm sure you know of more. The list grows daily. Thus far, I'm sticking with my thesis: If Obama or his Administration says something is A, it is about non-A. I don't see any countervailing evidence.

The cardinal characteristic of a Community Organizer is subterfuge. And, that, I say, is this Administration's strategy. Crisis, Confusion, and Steal the Store!

When will the suckers stand up?

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Robert said...

Regarding the "investment" by Obama of this huge amount in "science," I agree on the subterfuge strategy. This is just another government money laundering scheme. Much of this money will be wasted with no result.

In addition, it is a way that the government will violate and destroy intellectual property rights by drying up private investment in research and then taking ownership of new inventions and ideas because it has paid for the research. If you don't think there will be strings attached, you'll be wrong.

The result will be huge salaries for mediocre scientists who know that if they actually succeed, their grants (and salaries) will end. Research will drag out for decades as long as the government is paying money. Good inventions that use carbon-based fuels will be suppressed and buried. The grant making function of government will be a corrupt process where people who have government pull will apply for bogus grants and get millions of dollars that they will be required to contribute to Democratic candidates as campaign contributions or other forms of bribes. Who will do the real research? Scientists in garages using their own money and they will wait until the insanity is over so they won't have their profits stolen by taxes.

What is the background you speak of? It is another wasteful and deceptive policy designed to steal more money from productive citizens and small businesses. The unintended (intended?) consequence of this policy is that it will destroy science, not save it.