Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Much Verbiage, So Little Time

I find myself trying to explain what is currently going on with our government. I resort to talking about Atlas Shrugged, economic principles and history, philosophic history and the playing out of those ideas, and just plain fretting and fuming over the course of events with my attendance at the Atlanta Tea Party as my latest expression.

This cartoon sums it up succintly. John Cox, the artist and author of the cartoon, is a genius here.



Who in the hell are YOU? This is what I want to know.

Are YOU going to voluntarily associate and deal with people or force them to your will? And by extension, what are you asking of your government - if there is still any meaning to your answer having any effect. THIS IS the fundamental question. All the rest are the justifications with reference to knowledge or morality or just your feelings, as if the stars in the heavens give a damn.

No vaunted intelligence is required to answer this question. Children and teenagers can. And we, as a society, can.

This is the question that must become the essence of our struggle. The Tea Parties. The Republican Party, if it is to distinguish itself from the fascist (currently known as progressive) Democratic Party - and which it so far has not. The Health Industry. The Automotive Industry. The Financial Industry. The Energy Industry. The Education Industry. Maybe even the News Industry.

Who are you? Which do you choose?

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