Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

Now that terrorism has been downgraded to "man caused disasters" and the Global War on Terrorism to "Overseas Contingency Operations", the only one causing terror, if we mean by that "intense fear or dread" looks to be the Obama Administration.

The first instance I noticed was the verbal use of the image of pitchforks by Obama when he met with bankers regarding bonuses. He then called out ACORN to terrorize the employees of AIG with threatening messages and visitations by thugs to their homes.

Now we see this:

Obama even talks like a terrorist. Of course it is someone else's fault that this happened.

Since Air Force One is his plane and he completely commands its use, the least he could have done was own up to that fact when a reporter asked him a question. He said it was a mistake (Really? How would we know?) and that he learned of it about the same time the media did. Never did he say he had approved its use nor did he say that he had an insubordinate in his ranks which he would handle. Nor did he apologize in the interview. Juvenile.

Obama has paralyzed the economy being a six-shootin' economic "cowboy" (in the sense that the Left castigated Bush) who says one thing, reverses it the next day, and lays his gun on the table in every dealing with business leaders.

If he isn't The Terrorist, what is he?

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