Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, He Did It

OBAMA KILLED AMERICA.  He, which I take to include his Administration and Congressional cohorts, did two things which have been upheld by the Supreme Court.  First, the Court ruled against Arizona, telling them in effect, they could not protect the citizens, i.e., the property of its citizens, of its own state.  As Justice Scalia said, Arizona cannot be referred to as a sovereign state, which means, it is a state without authority.  Second, the Court ruled against the US Citizen, giving the right of the Federal government complete dominion over every man and his body - and forcing him to pay for their dominion.  Americans are now going to learn what it is like to go to the doctor and realize the doc no longer works for him, but for someone else. All will be grounded on pretense, painfully clear when patients begin to grasp they are now a pain in the ass. This ends Individual Rights - fundamentally it ends the right to one's own life. Guess what? The government stole your body (labor and mental production) today. It stole the only real possession, fount of all others, you ever really had in this country.

So, the deed is done.  Everything is going to unwind from here.  What a sad last week for America and the world.  Nowhere on earth can a man go to be free BY RIGHT anymore.

Next chapter?  Massive brain, entrepreneurial and capital drain.

So far, which I doubt will last long given the momentum of matters, we have the freedom to speak out and, yes, we do have our guns.  But with the right to our body cut away from us, isn't it meaningless?  Why the government can blithely call us into a doctor's office and have us take a shot (which, of course, is for our own good), make us pay for it and then justify our very unexpected and sad death via an official statement from one of the ubiquitous health panels.  Life is so easy under totalitarianism.
And, for all the good that some think Obama is up to, you really have to hand it to him.  His ideal - the collapsing socialist economies of Europe which he and others (I'm thinking Soros) may be hoping to mold under the aegis of the United Nations is about as rotten a state as one can hope for.  And his great agenda to fundamentally transform the United States of America has, to my way of seeing things, been accomplished. I can't help but think he really has to hate humanity to have pulled off this catastrophe.  With the failure of socialism manifest, either he's incredibly stupid to think that proper life devolves to taking care of and sacrificing for other people, or he's so blinded by his lust for power that he is unable to know anything other than that one thing.  Whatever this is, it is a nadir (hopefully) for America.

It will be hard to watch Obama dance on America's grave.

Here is the first wave of the totalitarians.

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Principlex said...

When you go to the Post Office, do you think the clerk really cares about your postal needs? Or is she just doing a job?

Why in a few years, won't your doctor relate to you in the same way that the postal clerk does?

You don't hire them any more. The government does. And this changes everything, leaving you out in the cold.

I know you will be able to pretend you have a doctor who cares, but you simply don't have the means to have him be that way. Your pretense won't make any difference. Sorry.

This is a very serious breach of your freedom - grounded in the fact that you no longer are recognized as possessing the right, given you live in America, to your life as you want to live it.