Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Real Robber Baron

Robber Baron was originally a “term derive[d] from medieval German lords who charged tolls on ships traversing the Rhine without adding anything of value.  In the 1930s during the great depression when envy as broadcast by FDR and many others ruled the roost, the term came to be applied to America’s most productive individuals of the 1890s – authentic big businessmen such as Andrew Carnegie, James J. Hill, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and a number of others.  Envy loves communism/socialism because it provides justification for the validity of envy. It tries the impossible - turning an evil motive into a good one.

Envy truly is a despicable motive, "hatred of the good for being the good." It hates value which motivates the intelligent and productive people of our world.  In the 1800s the intelligent and productive were the big businessmen who built America and gave it the means to grow into the giant it became.  Industries such as steel, finance, railroads, coal mining, sugar and water transport were all represented in this group of authentic, free-market, win/win traders.  This is to be contrasted with the envious harpy cry-babies who wanted to exist on the privilege of laws that protect their industries and make it difficult for their competition.  These are the worst of men who are quick to actually practice all the activities their yellow journalists write about while diverting attention to those who don’t. 

The faux Robber Barons are all but gone from America.  But today we have the real thing – literally and in every sense of the word.  Not only does the one I'm thinking of extract money from the taxpayer (the “robber” part), he sets up the means of using it so that we will likely never know that it provided value.  This in no way relates to the ignominious use of the term in the 30s because the businessmen referred to then did provide incredible value.  And further, they used their own profits to create such values as libraries throughout the small towns of the United States.  These men were incredibly value-oriented. 

Barack Obama is incredibly anti-value oriented.(Side comment: Such a person can only seek power for the sake of power to maintain a false self-esteem. He has no other choice and that is what we see being born out.)   I offer this – from an article published June 20, 2012 by World Net Daily.

According to a Statement of Work for the USAID/Kenya program-support initiative – which WND located through routine database research – the agency acknowledges the level of U.S.-financed Kenyan operations has outpaced Washington’s ability to adequately manage it.

“All levels of personnel ceilings are constrained by a limited U.S. government footprint in Kenya,” the SOW says. “In order to address these constraints, certain project development and program office functions … have been identified for delivery through external contracting.

“This group of functions will be contracted as one support activity to reduce the burden on mission staff,” the SOW continued.

USAID views with urgency its selection of a contractor, describing the procurement as a “high-priority requirement with high visibility” at the U.S. Mission.

The $480 million program at USAID/Kenya encompasses numerous assistance projects in general areas such as health, population and HIV/AIDS; basic education; youth; governing justly and democratically; and economic growth, environment and natural resources management.

The $480 million is specific to U.S. Department of State and USAID initiatives only. The amount comprises over half the U.S. government’s annual foreign-assistance budget for Kenya, the largest recipient of such aid in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Budgeted separately are Kenyan programs administered by the Department of Agriculture, Department of the Treasury, Export-Impact Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Peace Corps and Department of Defense.

The new USAID/Kenya program-support initiative will cost upwards of $23 million, which the agency will pay based on “task orders” individually awarded to the selected contractor. (This is the support structure required to pass the money out to the right areas?  SCB)

The contractor furthermore must launch an “Information Dissemination and Public Education services” component to the project, deploying a “full time Communications Advisor” to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi for the duration of the contract. (A propaganda program must be instituted to let the people of Kenya know that these “valuable” programs are going on – and, maybe, who the Barron really is?  I can’t imagine Obama passing up this opportunity, can you?  SCB)

Responsibilities for that position include press release- and speech-writing, developing and distributing newsletters and reports, and producing USAID/Kenya videos for distribution via YouTube and other digital and traditional outlets.

Obama is creating the vassal state of Kenya. 
1. A person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance.
2. A bondman; a slave.
3. A subordinate or dependent.
(Heritage Dictionary)

vassal [ˈvæsəl]  n
1. (Historical Terms) (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in feudal society) a man who entered into a personal relationship with a lord to whom he paid homage and fealty in return for protection and often a fief. A great vassal was in vassalage to a king and a rear vassal to a great vassal
2.  a.  a person, nation, etc., in a subordinate, suppliant, or dependent position relative to another
     b.  (as modifier) vassal status
(Collins Dictionary)

And so, the man who supposedly was spoon-fed hatred of the Colonial Powers, which America never was in the way Obama’s ancestors were related to Great Britain, (until it turned away from the American ideal of liberty which began with the Progressives in the early part of the 20th century and if Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, provides any light on Obama’s motivation) is setting up the enslavement, the dependency, of an entire African state.  In other words, Obama is colonizing Kenya in the modern way.  (Isn’t it interesting how the master/slave moral code justifies the master as the answer for the slave.)   

Enslavement can be begun by force.  But it also can be begun by holding out a plate of milk and repeating “Kitty, kitty, kitty.”  Either way, the slave becomes dependent and suffers a loss of moral power.  (Taking on debt inside creating a value is another matter entirely.)  (Although I won’t go into this point here, this is the great error and evil of the liberal - especially the “mommy was a democrat” liberal who, being a woman is deluded by the unalloyed good of nurturing - who is so anxious to be compassionate and helpful that he immorally takes taxpayers’ money and then ruins and makes it harder for the people who become dependent on his largess.)     

We often say such things as “he threw the money down a rat hole” meaning that it was wasted.  But here, notice that a “rat hole” would be an improvement.  At least it is structured and would keep the money contained.  Further it isn’t bottomless.  Barack’s throwing money at Kenya is both – formless and bottomless.  Do we need any more proof that we have reached the absolute “zero” in our culture and in American leaders?    

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