Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Is This Happening, Mr. President?

These three graphs really tell the story. No recession need last more than two years. That’s how long it takes for the free market with millions of minds at work to determine the value of things and reorganize an economy. Economists have known this to be true since early in the last century as America accumulated a history of being a free economy.*  For the employment/unemployment figures to look this way takes an effort. Particularly, it takes a Government and Administration that insist on not allowing human reason and pursuit of value to do its job. This takes working to “kill off a garden that wants to grow” by depriving it of its simple and fundamental requirement to grow - liberty.

Why is this happening? Prior to the 70s under Carter and before the latter 80s when the Soviet Union collapsed and exposed the fraud it was, implementing these ideas could be attributed to innocently believing in a false ideal. With the collapse of the validity of that ideal, littered with somewhere around a hundred million dead bodies, to keep it in place now requires a sinister turn: the motives and consequences required to forcefully install a discredited ideal.  Reason cannot be used in this undertaking except to further the purpose requiring this means.  To support my "sinister" assertion, I offer as evidence the astonishing "thug" character of our current Administration along with the politicians and supporters (active and complicit) that coalesce around it.  (All those that constitute this mass have to do is say nothing to support civil behavior and not commit to guaranteeing every mans' right to his life and liberty in the face of people like Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and the Black Panther Party; voter fraud; the open espousal of communism and Mao Zedong, mass murderer, by White House associates such as van Jones, Anita Dunn, and many others; the stealing of General Motors investors' money and transferring it to the Labor Unions; O's physical threat of bankers with "the pitchforks;" pats to the Russian leaders arm that he could be more flexible after the election; etc.)  To do this requires an amalgam of fear, desperation, intense desire to overcome the thing feared/hated (power lust) or simply a neurotic fear of free human life.  Nothing beautiful can be composed with this attitude.  Their bodiless ideal can only be fueled by an idea as to how they could make it happen while at the same time turning away from the millions upon millions of murdered men and women which is the history of these collectivist ideals.  It all has to become a matter of intention and it is fueled by the false philosophical ideas of postmodernism – that the truth is socially constructed.  In other words, "propaganda and appearances rule.  Let's get busy."

Could it be true that if the people just acquiesced to “control central,” everything would work? The answer is “no.” It is “no” because "control central’s" plans do not correspond to the requirements of life that are generated by individual lives. Every life is an individual life and to survive, a human life if it exerts any individuality at all has to apply reason to its life, i.e., its has to intelligently act in its self-interest.  Because this entire direction for society is anathema to "control central" and because it acts against the nature of life itself, “control central’s” actions can only become about retaining its power and by making that power more pervasive. From reason, the idea of a “control central” is now the pursuit of fools, rather like believing the idea that the earth is flat and acting according to that premise. Even the controllers cannot live within the idea – which is why they always declare themselves an exception to what they legislate for the masses - and lead lives that are 180 degrees from the rest of us.  The idea of government as now practiced is completely corrupt and cynical.

It is a very interesting time in history and I only hope that the great bulk of our society is not so divided that we can weather via our common values the upheaval that is bound to come.  It may mean extending yourself to know your neighbor.  It is now time to take responsibility for creating one's communities.  (See here for more on that subject.)

*"Economics and the Public Welfare:  A Financial and Economic History of the United States, 1914-1946" by Benjamin M. Anderson, Liberty Press, Indianapolis 1979 (Originally published in 1949)


Robert said...

I think a key reason why this is happening now rather than in the past is that, in the past, most "liberals" did not see themselves as Marxists. They saw themselves as tinkerers who could legislate regulations and controls that only influenced a small portion of society so that the force exerted did not influence the whole society economically but only harm a few people in a few isolated industries. Today, the Marxists have taken over and they intend to change the whole system and to institute re-distribution wholesale. The effects are enormous and we are finally seeing the consequences of holding a wrong principle (force). In the past, the principle that had inspired so much propaganda, altruism, was used for only small-scale adjustments to the economy, leaving the rest of the economy virtually free. Today, the principle is being imposed everywhere and the results are a destruction of the human mind, of man's ability to use reason to influence his life.

Principlex said...

I now consider anyone who blames Bush and attempts to foist cause for the current conditions of the economy, beyond those which have a very long life such as creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, on someone other than the events which have been initiated by the Obama administration as sinister and, from the standpoint of health, insane. Further I have to believe that anyone who buys the Liberal Left tripe has serious mental deficiencies. I consider their actions fear motivated rather than value motivated.

A leader can change the character and quality of a nation in the flick of an eyelash. It all depends on purpose. This is what I hold Obama responsible for and because his purpose is not consistent with the health of the nation, he is to blame for this mess. Should he have a purpose consistent with the healthy functioning of human life, all of this would be different and we would be carrying him on our shoulders.

But alas, it shall not be because he and those king makers who put and keep him in power are determined for it not to be. And right now, they are in control.

Principlex said...

This is an excellent article that shows you how far gone liberty is. It's mind-boggling and very disturbing.

Principlex said...

This totally pisses me off. This is pure diabolical Obama. We don't hear about global warming anymore. That's because the theory was a fraud along with the scientists who thought they'd hit the mother lode when they convinced government to support them and their minions to the tune of millions of dollars.